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how relevant is it? it is the... you know, it is the original sin. it is something... it is so, um... how can i say it? so essential a historical event in the soul of america until... i really don't think that we will ever.... free of this history. now, we have to deal with it. it's not going to go away. it's not going to... it can be rewritten 1,000 times, but it is still going to be there. and as, you know, a great sort of...

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china would lift some of its restrictions which a lot of people in china see as arbitrary and cruel and leading the things like children being separated from their parents at times because that would justify the protesting works and i think that's something the party would be very concerned if that message went out that if you protest, you will get what you want from the party. i will get what you want from the .a _ ., , will get what you want from the .a . ., , ., will get what you want from the party. i was wondering if you could explain _ party. i was wondering if you could explain what _ party. i was wondering if you could explain what has - party. i was wondering if you could explain what has led i party. i was wondering if you | could explain what has led up to this because there lockdowns and isolation. but what about the vaccinations here? why aren't enough people getting vaccinated in china? i aren't enough people getting vaccinated in china?- vaccinated in china? i think the low vaccination - vaccinated in china? i think the low vaccination rate - vaccinated in china? i think the low vaccination rate is l the low vaccination rate is complicated but i think a lack of trust perhaps in the government or health authorities may have something to do with it. and also, china has not really brought him international vaccines. they may be a bit more effective

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

70s, there had been a big national survey that found that 25 to 35%, about a third of all native children, had been removed from their family and tribes. this was not the first time that federal policy had systematically separated native children from their family. and so, it was kind of like a set of guardrails. when a native child enters foster care or is up for adoption, the law works to keep that child connected to their family and connected to their tribe. >> recently, obviously, it has become a major target for republicans. it has been challenged almost as many times as the affordable care act. and now it has made its way all the way to the supreme court. you have been inside the court during those oral arguments. from what you heard, from what you saw, from what you feel, and do you believe that this is a case that, at its core, is

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Political Thinking with Nick...

they�*re out of the areas they grew up in. they come to london, they do a big job, and then they pop home a couple of times a year to say hi. what drove you to go back to the place you were born? i just felt such a pull to to go back home. it�*s hard to put into words. ijust really wanted to go back to my community, my friends and family. the north east is a really special place. and, you know, people from the north east always often have that really strong sense of identity and wanting to, wanting to give something back. and ifelt i�*d learnt a lot when i was away at university and it had shaped a lot about who i was. but i wanted to go back and, you know, make a contribution in my community. all this must shape your attitude to do this newjob. shadow education secretary. this isn�*t the place for a detailed policy interview. but in terms of your approach, what does it mean you think should be your approach if you get to be the next education secretary? i think we do just need to see a shift in our approach to education overall as a country. so not something that is just one when we�*re at school orjust when we�*re sat in a classroom. something that we have with us right throughout our lives or from the earliest years,

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Life Liberty Levin

production. this is so important we elect republican majority in house and senate to begin to put a curve on radical democratic idea logical agenda. mark: putting aside rank and file democrats. you see their so-called masterminds throughout media. what is the purpose of the democrat party other than take down the united states as it exists? >> i believe you see that in their statements. their political leadership often times will not say it publicly, joe biden pretending he wants lower gas price, mark my word the day after the eel al election they will d continue their war with fossil fuels. they have a deep ambevilance

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

>> it was an amazing victory, maybe we're a g good luck charm. trey: holidays are coming. also a very sad time for more than we might imagine. give us a reason for joy even durings times of sadness. >> because we get a chance to be grateful, not based on our successes but greatest solution ever. his name was jesus that loves us and has a great plan for us, i hope everyone that knows that. it is crazy, when we talk about thankfulness and gratitude. there are so many different universities that have done studies, been har they have all done studies to choosing gratefulness and gratitude, they all found it leads to greater happiness, and less stress, and less

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Life Liberty Levin

irp were there my whole life, it is a relationship with my savior, i was raised southern baptist, i went to all girl 's catholic school but my f faith is so much more, we had a lot of tough times. i found refuge and most powerful building in the world, sometime most challenging. mark: you are a cancer survivor. >> baraka 2. i have a genetic mew mmutation. i rail find refuge in my faith. that was such a time as well. on may one was my double mastectomy. my mom had one before me, i

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

>> you talk about success, it is about you. you talk about significance it is about others. so many times in our lives, we're search are for success, so many days in my life i wanted to be successful. at the end of my life i would rather be significant. because success is just about you, but significant about others, at the end of your life will you just have success or significant, everyone single one of us can go after both. all of us get to do, that then i would say, i would encourage everyone that we have a purpose, there is a reason we were created, i believe we were created on purpose for a purpose, that is w what we call it mission possible, missioned is another word for saying purpose, mission is a task or a job someone has given to d do or reason why they are here. we say possible, it means be on able, we have a task or a

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Life Liberty Levin

types of politicians, who do give up everything. to represent us. to did w do who they can to save this great country. i personally am thankful for you. every sunday. coming to watch this program, in huge unprecedented numbers and i am grateful to upeople in this audience, i never take you for granted, i respect you and i dl thank god you are there and you can spread world of liberty, remember liberty dud does not come easy, it can be easily lost, tyranny takes advantage. i know these are daunting times, i know sometimes things seem overwhelming. sometimes it seems that clouds are always dark. but always remember this, god is on our side.

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Political Thinking with Nick...

times in byker grove, which was a high point of my childhood. now, remind us for people who don�*t know byker grove, the great tv show, ant and dec. yeah, it was around that time. yeah. and you were... what, an extra? oh, i did — i was a, i played a part going into a school and i played a part hanging around a music venue, waiting for a group or something to arrive. so this, you know, the way these things work on television, it takes, you know, all day to get a very, very short clip of a group of us kind of walking into, walking into the front of a school or whatever it was. but what�*s fascinating about that story is that your mum thought you needed to build confidence. she thought that mattered. that was part of your education. i think it does matter and it matters that kids feel confident and don�*t feel held back because of their background. and it wasn�*t, i think just because i was shy, it was because, you know, kids from backgrounds like mine get told all too often what they shouldn�*t do or can�*t do. and it�*s about having confidence in what you can achieve. and my granddad was the same — he was forever, certainly where it comes to young women,

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