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FBI Protected Woman Who Made $200 Million Selling Up To 8,000 Children Over 40 Years

FBI Protected Woman Who Made \0 Million Selling Up To 8,000 Children Over 40 Years - She Got 3 Months Minimum Security Prison Sentence Sunday,

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

>> well, because of the injunction that was granted by a republican judge, we are temporarily preventing the enforcement of that. that judge stated that the indiana constitution does protect your right to liberty, privacy, bodily autonomy. including protecting decisions about family planning and whether you carry a pregnancy to term. we will continue to wait for the final results of this ruling. the same reasons that were presented by medical professionals in the indiana general assembly, which cost taxpayers $240, 000, rolling back 50 years of women's rights, we still have an attorney general in the state of indiana, who states he will challenge

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World Business Report

tell us how the industry has been changing.— been changing. basically, obviously. _ been changing. basically, obviously, there - been changing. basically, obviously, there are - been changing. basically, | obviously, there are many been changing. basically, - obviously, there are many more brands than we have seen before which means lots more advertising opportunities, whether that be online, on social, tv, billboards, and so they kind of level of work, there is a lot more of it, for models to partake in which dilutes the market a little. what does that mean for the catwalk at paris fashion week? more people have the opportunity to see themselves represented down the runways. in new york and london you will see that there has been a lot more diversity going down the runway, so consumers see representation of themselves which is more appealing for them, when looking to buy clothing of up to 500, £1000, on these runways. is clothing of up to 500, £1000, on these runways.—

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Border 1,000 cycle race returns, aiming to raise R60,000

The iconic East London cycle race, the Border 1,000, is back this year — and for a good cause.

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BBC News

and change its path. this space rock poses no threat, but it's a chance to show how we could deal with one on a collision course with the earth. the double asteroid redirection test is, first and foremost, a test. it is a test on an asteroid that is not a danger to earth. there is nothing we can do to it that will make it a danger to earth, and we are doing this now when we don't have to do in order to develop the capabilities to deflect an asteroid if we ever should need to in the future. three, two, one... and lift off, of the falcon 9 and dart. the spacecraft launched last year and has travelled nearly seven million miles. after the first stage, you see those engines coming to life... _ now it's nearing its destination. its target is a small space rock called dyomorphus that's orbiting a larger one. travelling at 11l,000 mph, the spacecraft will crash into dyomorphus, giving the asteroid a kick.

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there is heating up. ian watson, bbc news, liverpool. our chief political correspondent nick eardley is in liverpool. good morning. nick, labour is pushing ahead with its plans for a green economy but there are some who believe they should be more forthright in attacking the government's tax—cutting? good morning to you, sally. i think we will hear a lot of that, a lot of attacks on the government for getting rid of the additional rate of income tax paid by people earning over £150,000. labour says is over £150 , 000. labour says is totally over £150,000. labour says is totally the wrong priority, but they are going to agree to reducing the basic rate of income tax, the one everybody earning over about £13,000 pays. there's been a few divisions on that actually. andy burnham has said labour should oppose that tax

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five police officers have been seriously injured during violent protests outside the iranian embassy in knightsbridge yesterday. the met police said members of the crowd threw missiles at officers and breached police lines. 12 people were arrested. the embassy�*s been the focus of several days of protests following the death of mahsa amini in custody after being detained by iranian morality police. around a,000 staff at 29 colleges — including some in london — have begun what could be up to ten days of strike action. it's about a dispute over pay — which has been rising slower than the rate of inflation. the university and college union says staff from lewisham, lambeth and southwark colleges have walked out this morning. work will start today to remove the thousands of floral tributes left in hyde park to honour the queen. a pair of shire horses will pull flatbed drays — a traditional open cart usually used in conservation work. they'll move across the royal parks

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BBC News

correspondent laura bicker. we are on the main road to san miguel, one of the worst hit areas on the main island of the philippines. i think around 7a,000 people have been taken to evacuation centres. many people have also just decided to stay with friends, or kind of out of their houses, but, as you can see, out onto the streets. the flood waters, i'm just going to take you to give you an idea, as soon as you come off the road, where the floodwaters go. if you go down the alley you can see they are having to wade at least chest deep to get to their homes, which is one of the reasons why i'm not standing in that water. you've got thousands of people living under these conditions at the moment hoping the floodwaters will recede over the next few hours. this super typhoon did come with a warning but not much because it formed so quickly before slamming into the philippines in the last few hours. it brought with it those gusty winds

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