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After Roe: Dems Challenge GOP to Show They Care for Mothers

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade’s constitutional protections for abortion rights set off a contest between Democrats and Republicans...

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Lawmakers propose bill to make Ohio abortion laws more restrictive

An effort is underway in Ohio to make the current law banning abortions even more restrictive.

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Americans Are Googling 'How To Move To Canada' Almost As Much As When Trump Was Elected

Many Americans have been looking for answers since June 24, when the U.S. Supreme Court reversed its landmark Roe v. Wade decision, allowing states to restrict or outright ban abortion access and regressing women's rights in the country by 50 years. Google searches like "how to move to Canada from the U.S." have seen a particular surge, rivaling levels only seen six years ago when Donald Trump was elected president.

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82nd Airborne Division return to Fort Bragg after deployment to Poland

82nd Airborne Division soldiers return to Fort Bragg after nearly five months deployed in support of NATO allies.

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A lack of rain is affecting farmers in South Central Kentucky

Our hotter than average temperatures and near-drought conditions are creating a severe problem for local farmers.

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Munis weaker on long end, primary picks up speed

A new-issue supply-focused buy-side had their sights on the $8 billion-plus flowing into the primary market this week, while municipal traders remained cautious, keeping an eye on bid-wanted lists in the secondary market.

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