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well, i married a frenchman. i was a runaway bride. they chuckle. i was a runaway bride. any regrets? we went to paris for the weekend. and the man i married was a world traveller, was one of the great photographers of the world. that's marc riboud, the late french photographer. and he sort of opened up a whole new universe to me, which was international, which was... ..had nothing to do with america or europe or africa, but had to do with everything. and so i became this kind of country—hopping, international, you know, explorer, whatever, that i had started in egypt on my own with him,

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The Eighties

because i think it's the best trash there is on television. i am not in the business of brain surgery. i am in the business of fluff. >> that's the fantasy element. at a time when the access is possible. it's escapism, and it's aspirational. you want to stand in a hot tub with a glass of champagne, rock on. >> we've never seen that kind of wealth ever before. we didn't mock it. we didn't say it was right, and we didn't say it was wrong. we were just through the keyhole. >> sometimes it absolutely amazes me. i walk away from a shoot and i think, well, we did it again. >> there was more of everything in tv by the '80s. your opportunity for watching stuff is increasingly vast. >> nbc presents "real people." >> my name's michael lee wilson. this dawned on me, that the application of a small motor on a pair of roller skates might really be a great thing. >> somebody once said that each one of us will be a star for 15 minutes, and i think that that's probably going to happen.

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

attempts to congress. if he thinks that being without water and electricity and heat is something that is gonna break us? in the last nine months, he didn't learn anything about us. so we are supporting each other. we are getting stronger. we are getting ready to go through the winter. and we absolutely not spending. >> kyra, thank you so much for joining us. you know, you said recently, we are here for anything. we are prepared for anything, even unexpected situations. so we will be following everything that you are doing. thank you. >> thank you and lori to ukraine. >> we will be right back. right back r those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor. such as heart disease, diabetes, being overweight, asthma, or smoking. even if symptoms feel mild, these factors can increase your risk of covid-19 turning severe.

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Life Liberty Levin

anything to protect saying, i don't want to get caught with no chair when the music stops. i had a great career in hollywood, i wrote movies and directed them for 40 years, and a bunch of television. show the business does not owe me anything, i am suffsorry it has died, everything dies. i had a great time. mark: you are a a man of faith. ya man of faith. were you always a man of faith. are you more of a man of faith as you get older. >> absolutely, i was a fallen away j jew, and i

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

time. people just cannot believe what a nice, what a nice, kind person you are. i have seen those issues that get you willing to fight. this word we hear all of the time, what do you think it means, how do you have the wisdom to know when to pick the right fight. >> if everything is a fight, that might just mean you are a bully. if nothing is a fight, it means you are not in the game. from my perspective. difference we need to knowing a fighter and a warrior. i cannot think of a more important cause outside of my faith than this country and my family. anyone who comes to interfere with my family, they will meet a very different tim scott at the door, anyone that disrespects our country they

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

income or zip code. >> i was a terrible student at one point in my life, i thought i was sp stupid, my teachers and class mates agreed, then my mother made me start reading books, i got to the point that i became a book worm, i knew everything it changed the trajectory of my life, as someone that started out in lowest wrungs of society economically to ascend to top 1% that was not an accident that is because of a solid education. that wasn't something teaching me about what my gender was or pronouns i should use, but providing the appropriate type of education that allows you to function in our society. trey: here to talk about education, are cofounders of enriched literacy education,

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

everything else could go with it. what's the risk here? >> it takes a couple steps to understand but basically the plaintiffs say that icwa discriminated against them based on race because they are non native any treated them differently than it would have if they had been native foster parents. another important side note is that nominated foster parents behind this lawsuit actually -- custody. there is a whole host of federal laws that tree tribe and tribal citizens differently, not based on race but based on our political status. it goes back to our treaty relationship with the u.s. federal government. just like i'm a citizen of the united states, a resident of oklahoma, certain laws apply to me. certain laws apply to me because i'm a citizen of a cherokee nation. i literally, since the founding of the republic, congress has been passing laws that applies to tribes and tribal citizens. the fear is that icwa is discrimination, but what about

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Life Liberty Levin

types of politicians, who do give up everything. to represent us. to did w do who they can to save this great country. i personally am thankful for you. every sunday. coming to watch this program, in huge unprecedented numbers and i am grateful to upeople in this audience, i never take you for granted, i respect you and i dl thank god you are there and you can spread world of liberty, remember liberty dud does not come easy, it can be easily lost, tyranny takes advantage. i know these are daunting times, i know sometimes things seem overwhelming. sometimes it seems that clouds are always dark. but always remember this, god is on our side.

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The Eighties

jerusalem. >> you're a young man, you shouldn't be worried about success. you should be thinking about hopping on a tramp steamer and going around the world. >> the '60s are over, dad. >> thanks for the tip. >> you weren't laughing at michael j. fox's character for being too conservative. you were actually laughing at the parents for being too hopelessly liberal. >> what is this? i found it in the shower. >> that's generic brand shampoo. >> no! >> this is him. this is the guy i've been telling you about. this is everything you want in a president. >> the genius of "family ties," it allows a kind of youthful reaganite to emerge that's focused on the future, that's focused more on a critique of the '60s. >> michael j. fox as alex keaton really became the center of the show. and the writers were smart enough to see that they had something special, and they wrote to that. >> it's not fair, alex.

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