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putting border security and immigration at the center of their agenda. it seems during the midterms, this was an area where they were making inroads with voters, they seemed to have an edge. what do you make of this strategy? >> as you said, i think there is concern about border security in the country. what's interesting more than anything, paulo, is that in the states where you have this concern be at the highest, i'm talking about states like arizona and new mexico at the border they are doing very well in these midterms. it wasn't the kind of issue that was going to lead to any problems electorally. when i can't begin to understand is when it comes to immigration, it's a bad faith issue for the republican party because many republicans, in fact many republicans in congress, paola, marco rubio, your family, my family, they came into this country as immigrants through the legal asylum seeking process that many are trying to seek at the

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abuses against migrants, the lgbtq issue, a whole host of other issues. and in making that editorial decision, they shifted the conversation away from it being about sports to a broader conversation. and i think when you open a programme with a conversation about politics and human rights, great. you have to apply that consistently across the board. you must allow the conversation to go beyond just what the bbc at this particular point thinks is appropriate. and roger, let's bring you in on that. this is one critic we've heard a lot, that this was inconsistent from the bbc. yeah. i saw gary's interview as wise and sensible about the really difficult editorial choices. i think what he also said was that probably bbc sport was disproportionately light on russia and probably on china for the winter olympics, and therefore has come

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border and as long as the biden administration appropriately prioritizes the legal process, as they do, there is no open border, per se. i think they are acting in good faith. what's interesting also is will the republicans that now have control of the chambers of congress put together any legislation to pass a comprehensive bill that would engage with the democrats in the senate to get something done as opposed to fearmongering and use rhetoric around the issue. >> let's talk about the humane way to do all this. there's been over 2 million border apprehensions just since the start of this fiscal year. and more people are bound to come if and when title 42 is lifted. my question to you is, how should the biden administration prepare to be lifting title 42, right? what is the right and humane way for them to do this? >> look, first of all, we should stop using in the kind of, actually the imagery being shown right now. you know, we should not be

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>> reporter: after the violence, hope to heal. danya bacchus, cbs news, los angeles. >> the recent mass shootings has congressional democrats re-igniting their push for gun control legislation. president biden returned to washington this evening. the president has said he'll try to move on stricter gun laws before the year is over. cbs' nancy cordes has the very latest on this. nancy, good evening to you. >> good evening, jericka. yeah, the issue is important enough to the president that he took a break from his vacation here to talk to reporters about it. but the legislative reality has not changed. his party does not have the votes for major new gun laws, and it's only going to get harder for them once republicans take control of the house in january. >> that is what we need to do. >> reporter: top democrats argued sunday the time is right for a return to the assault weapons ban, but even the biggest gun safety advocates admitted the numbers just aren't

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>>seat els like ara lot ofj.r.: look at the firt weekend of holiday shopping and we find out if people feel safe shopping in union square and get an early indication about how sales are going. and deadly gunfire. police killed a man in fairfield. details about what led up to the shooting. and more toilet trouble for san francisco. the issue with the newest free public bathroom. abc7news starts now. j.r.: this is union square holiday season. that question is top of mind for retailers. thank you for joining us.

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that's within a two-week window. it's that hypocrisy, if it doesn't speak to the republican plan, i don't know what. does fundamentally, this immigration issue is an economic issue. many of these immigrants, yes, are coming to seek legal asylum. many are also coming because the united states needs their work, their efforts, their hard work, which helps sustain our economy, and there are employers desperate to hire them. let's talk about it on the real terms, which is on economic grounds, which is what's driving the movement. >> maria, part of the story of these midterm elections was that latinos continue to show up for the democratic party. many young latinos showed up in arizona. they showed up in nevada. many showed up because of the promise of finally immigration reform, immigration relief. the promise of protecting dreamers. what happens if democrats don't deliver? >> well, first of all, with all due respect, mr. fernand, i was

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they will fall. it will all come back into line. republicans aren't only divided on the issue of trump they are also divided on the whether or not to support has minority kevin mccarthy's -- speaker of the house. mccarthy has already vowed to launch a plethora of investigations and democrats and the biden administration. he aims to remove several house democrats from their respective committees, in order to achieve this goal. intelligence committee chair adam schiff is on that list. he commented on this earlier today and agreed with republicans who are skeptical about mccarthy's leadership. >> i think this problem is that he can't get 2 to 18 without marjorie taylor greene, paul gosar, matt gates. so he will do whatever they ask. and right now they're asking for people -- he is willing to do, it he is willing to do anything they ask. and that is the problem with kevin mccarthy. he has no ideology. he has no corset of beliefs. it is very hard to get to 18 that way. it is even more difficult to

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and someone had come along from the local fire service and was talking about a career in the fire service. and i asked a question about the role for women in the fire service and was told, sorry, pet, it�*s not for it�*s not for women. and that was, that was in the mid �*90s. so i think it�*s notjust, it�*s a class issue... yeah. ..but i think all too often it comes down to quite clear divides about what men should do and what women should do. and we were a family that liked to challenge that kind of thinking. well, the truth is, you got over that advice. you got to oxford, you got involved in politics, you chaired the university labour club, and then went back home and became the mp, as you say, very young at the age of, at the age of 26. interesting choice to go home. plenty of people who go to the top universities, and that�*s it.

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people's hands when they need it. >> reporter: congress last passed an assault weapons ban back in 1994, but allowed to it lapse ten years later. and house democrats have passed similar bans repeatedly since, as recently as this july. and they want to do it again next month, but that ban has never been able to pass through a closely divided senate. jericka? >> a very complicated and complex issue, nancy. thank you very much. the u.s. soccer team is showing solidarity with protesters in iran ahead of its world cup match. the u.s. soccer federation initially posted iran's national flag without the emblem. those posts have since been removed on social media. but officials confirm the altered flag postings were intentional and were a show of support for women in iran facing -- fighting for basic human rights. the u.s. faces iran on tuesday. well, an upset at the world cup today led to riots in brussels. belgium lost a crucial match to

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for the fans to enjoy? no, i actually, to be clear, i actually think that sport is a reflection of life. and life is complicated, and life is nuanced, and life deserves context. and life is at the intersection of politics and decisions and controversies. what i have an issue with is when we cherry pick what is acceptable and when to use sports as a platform. and i understand why people sometimes say, "let's just keep politics out of sports," but the truth is, you can't. so i actually come down from the perspective of i believe that colin kaepernick, who is an athlete here in the us who decided to take a knee during the national anthem, has a right to express himself. i also believe that soccer athletes in europe who want to express solidarity with palestinians and gaza have a right to express themselves. and i believe that athletes in europe who want to wear a rainbow armband in qatar have a right to express themselves. what i think is problematic,

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