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levels for the u.s. troops, over 2,000 u.s. troops in the eastern part of syria, they said they factored that into, and adjusted their force protection levels. they said they spoke with the russians over the deconfliction line but didn't necessarily telegraph what they were going to do, they said we were going to be flying in this sort of airspace. we don't have a sense what the reaction is going to be out of moscow. i think it's important to know they took pains to say they didn't want to kill any foreign nationals. from president trump you heard a throw down towards aaron airan subtle hint towards russia. you didn't heard that from secretary mattis or general dunford. finally, brian, where this goes from here, they're anticipating an information campaign from the other side. the challenge for the u.s. administration here in the next 24/48 hours is the difference

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