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Question of motive in the navy yard massacre. why did aaron alexis go on a shooting rampage killing 12 people randomly? just a short time ago, i spoke to the daily mail reporter paul thompson who interviewed the shooter s former stepfather. the aaron he knew he said was a loving very kind boy. as a teenager, he described him as a sponge who wanted to soak up as much information as possible. loved playing chess, checkers. he s totally at a loss as to why his former step son would do such a thing. did he like guns? was he violent? did he display any kind of unusual behavior? what does he tell you? well, in the years that he knew aaron, he never once said he saw a violent episode. he said there was no interest in guns. obviously when he was in his 20s, he developed an interest in the military. and frank actually said he too wanted to join the military with his step son but he was too old. and was turned down whereas ....

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