Live Breaking News & Updates on Aaron alexis intoa killer

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you heard harry reid talking about that just a few moments ago. that is because house republicans are furious with texas republican senator ted cruz who said yesterday that the senate, at least on the republican side, they don't have the votes to defund obama care. that prompted a lot of house republicans to go off on twitter. one house republican, sean duffy of wisconsin, accused cruz of waving the white flag of s surrend surrender. also this morning, a return to work, but gar frfar from a r to normal. the military complex reopened for business, three days after that murderous rampage, and investigators are still searching for clues as to what turned aaron alexis into a killer. they know his mental health was crumbling. his paranoia making him delusional. even his own mother is left with many questions. cnn justice reporter evan perez is working his law enforcement

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