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quote: she said that several days ago aaron confronted her in the parking lot about making too much noise. june told me that she is terrified of aaron, and feels that this, the shooting, was done intentionally. he was not charged in that case and whatever the issues obviously, harris, in both of those previous cases we just talked about. very little to suggest that he would take part in murderous rampage that happened today, harris. >> harris: i understand his former roommate is talking about him as well. >> yeah. and as so often in these kind of cases those who knew aaron alexis are saying that they are absolutely surprised by it he roomed with happy bowl ty in fort worth, texas. that owner said today there were no indications whatsoever that he could take part in this kind of violence. listen. >> we live together three

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thousands of people that perhaps go into a system like a united states navy. how do you pick that person and make sure they are not aloyed to get into any kind of facility around the country, around the world. make sure they are in the database. fanel facial recognition software. can you work off the card itself. but it's not perfect. >> all right. let's talk about this guy's background and just in full disclosure during the commercial you and i both talked about an email that i got from a viewer in idaho who said who did aaron alexus' background check? the same guy who cleared edward snowden. you said the same thing. >> it raises the same issues. who is work are for the federal government? who is working in the most sensitive areas? what is their background? how effective is it it i have been through background checks, they are pretty extensive at some levels. very extensive at other levels. the question becomes is the process good enough. we still obviously don't know what the motivation is. was there mental health issues? with hippa, privacy, that's a challenge getting to

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