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Ugandan filmmakers continue long walk to recognition

Ugandan filmmakers continue long walk to recognition
April 20, 2021
The local film industry, like the entire art industry, is one that has self-established.
From the not-so-old days when The Ebonies wowed with productions such as That’s Life Mwattu, Bibaawo and Ekitoobero A La Carte, to filmmakers such as Osman Matovu with their audience-grippers such as Ngudde Mu Nsobi and Ensisikano Y’ebizibu, it is an industry that has been discovering itself.
Much as it felt like a new idea of Ugandans making their own films, the faces in the films were not new. For instance, most of the actors, writers and directors were people that had cut their teeth on the theatre stage.

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