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Sering Alami Body Shaming, Apa itu Body Shaming? dan Bagaimana Cara Mengatasinya

Satu diantaranya ialah atlet angkat besi Indonesia, Nurul Akmal, yang diduga mengalami body shaming setibanya di Tanah Air setelah kembali dari Olimpi

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The perfect body: Victoria′s Secret dubbed ′bodyshamers′ over new lingerie campaign | News | DW

American underwear label Victoria's Secret has come under fire over its latest poster campaign, advertising "The Perfect 'Body.'" A petition calling for an apology from the firm has drawn in over 4,100 signatures.

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Dikatan Body Shaming Usai Melahirkan, Audi Marissa: Aku Blocked Biar Kamu Nggak Liat Aku yang Lagi Ndut Ini

Meski mendapat komenter yang tidak pantas dari banyak netizen, nyatanya Audi Marissa tidak mau terlalu ambil pusing.

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Why are We Obsessed with Women Gaining Weight During a Pandemic?

As summer approaches, I hope women will cherish their pre and post-pandemic bodies for everything they survived through.

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Dear Thelma: I'm fat-shamed by everyone and losing the will to live

This woman confides in Thelma that she has lost the courage to keep on living as her life has been filled with one hurdle after another, including being called unsavoury names by her colleagues, neighbours and even strangers.

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Gouri Kishan opens up on slut-shaming, casteism, and bullying in Adyar school!

Gouri wants the victims to come forward and share their experiences using the hashtag #SpeakUpAgainstHarrasment.

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Gouri Kishan opens up about facing casteism, bullying, body shaming in school

Gouri Kishan opens up about facing casteism, bullying, body shaming in school
Gouri Kishan took to Instagram stories to share her ordeal in her school. In a series of Instagram stories, she spoke about facing casteism, bullying and body shaming.
Gouri Kishan opens up about facing bullying and body shaming in school.
For the past few days, many current school students and alumni have been openly talking about sexual harassment, facing casteism and bullying during their school days. Now, 96 and Master actress Gouri Kishan took to Instagram stories to talk about her school days. She wrote that she had to face casteism, slut-shaming, body-shaming, objectification and character assassination when she was studying in Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar.

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Chennai: School suspends faculty, as students allege harassment, share instances on social media

Students had shared chat screenshots of alleged misconduct and described the way the faculty had dealt with girls during conventional and even offline classes.

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360: Are dress codes in Colorado schools sexist, or do they reduce distractions in an educational environment?

Getting dressed in the morning can be fun, but for teenagers it often requires asking themselves if their clothing follows their school’s dress code. Many policies in schools seem to be particularly concerned with female attire, prompting Denver7 to take a 360 look at dress codes.

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Teen who exposed teacher's rape jokes hits back at cyberbullies, bodyshamers

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians – some believed to be teachers themselves – who posted lewd comments about Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, the 17-year-old student who revealed a teacher's jokes about rape, are being exposed for their behaviour online.

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Queen Naija Calls Out 'Maddies' Body Shamers Using Sexy Bathing Suit Post

Queen Naija Calls Out 'Maddies' Body Shamers Using Sexy Bathing Suit Post
Having received a number of negative comments about her curves, the 'Pack Lite' hitmaker points out at the importance of being confident as she says, 'I'm sexy and I know it.'
Apr 23, 2021
AceShowbiz -
Queen Naija makes it clear that she is no fan of body-shaming. Using her social media platform to speak out against harmful criticism, the "Pack Lite" hitmaker called out "maddies" body shamers using a sexy bathing suit post.
Making use of Instagram Story on Friday, April 23, the 25-year-old shared a short clip of herself in a seductive gesture while wearing a hot pink top. Along with the video, she wrote a caption, "To all the maddies," followed by a wink emoji. Firing back at her shamers, she then pointed the camera to her backside and added, "Kiss it."

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Body shaming: Fat or thin, why is it a problem how I look?

“You are too skinny Bella!”
“You look like a toothpick!”
“You need to gain weight and a lot of fat, you are so bony!’’
I grew up listening to such comments from friends, family and even people I did not know. Everyone always had something to say about my body, and more often than not, some comments were never nice ones.
I never really knew how to respond to them. So, as they shared and laughed at jokes about how skinny I was, I laughed along, faked a smile here and there as my esteem sank deeper than the sea level.

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Bride Under Fire for Suggesting Nine-Year-Old Stepdaughter Wear a 'Girdle'

Bride Under Fire for Suggesting Nine-Year-Old Stepdaughter Wear a 'Girdle'
On 4/14/21 at 3:08 PM EDT
The woman referred to the nine-year-old as "thick" and "plus-size," descriptors that some commenters construed as derogatory.
Thhe woman wrote that she was finding it hard to locate a suitable dress for her stepdaughter because "nothing fit her," even "big girl youth sizes."
She added that she couldn't consult her partner's ex "'cause of the typical new woman situation."
Five days before her big event, the woman was still fretting about her stepdaughter's measurements. By then severely pressed for time, she again took to social media to solicit advice.

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Exclusive! While men are objectified too, women are subjected to body shaming more often: Sayantani Ghosh

It can be harrowing to live up to society's yardstick when it comes to the ideal body type, says, Sayantani Ghosh

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Intel's AI-powered Bleep tech lets you choose exactly how much online hate speech you hear

Ableism and Body Shaming, Aggression, Name-calling, Sexually Explicit Language and Swearing are other options.
To be clear, this is a real product in development at Intel for release later this year. It is not a concept cut from Black Mirror.
"With Bleep, we're enabling gamers to take control of their conversations, one key step to eliminating toxicity in gaming today," Intel marketing engineer Craig Raymond said. "The app interfaces our AI models into the Windows architecture to integrate the feature transparently into your voice applications."
Intel quoted research from the Anti-Defamation league which stated that out of 1000 US video game players surveyed, around a quarter had been forced to quit playing at some point because of harassment.

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Tori Spelling's April Fools' Pregnancy Joke Meant as Clapback to 'Hurtful' Body-Shaming

Tori Spelling's April Fools' Pregnancy Joke Meant as Clapback to 'Hurtful' Body-Shaming
After receiving negative responses about her prank, the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star acknowledges she never intended to hurt anyone with her fake pregnancy announcement.
Apr 3, 2021
Tori Spelling has explained her controversial April fools' joke. A day after the "
Beverly Hills, 90210" alum shared what seemed to be her pregnancy photo, she returned to Instagram to explain that the post was actually meant as a clapback to "hurtful" body-shaming.
Taking to the photo-sharing site on Friday, April 2, the 47-year-old posted a lengthy message that justified her April Fools' post. She began her note with, "Every week, magazine and press outlets ask if I'm pregnant. To set the record straight, I am not."

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EXCLUSIVE: Vidya Balan speaks on being positive during tough times and her key learnings from the pandemic

EXCLUSIVE: Vidya Balan speaks on being positive during tough times and her key learnings from the pandemic
The renowned actress, Vidya Balan is all about positivity and optimism during tough times. Find out what more she has to say about dealing with crisis and healing from the emotional scars of the pandemic as she chats with Pinkvilla in an Exclusive interview.
Written By
Pinkvilla Desk
97495 reads
Updated: March 16, 2021 10:27 pm
EXCLUSIVE: Vidya Balan speaks on being positive during tough times and her key learnings from the pandemic
The eminent actress Vidya Balan is someone who has an outstanding performance in critically acclaimed movies breaking stereotypes by doing unconventional roles in the Bollywood industry. She is strongly inclined towards body positivity, spirituality, and optimism among other things as part of leading a healthy lifestyle. 

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Azealia Banks' Ex-Fiance Fired as Creative Director After Body-Shaming Zara Larsson

Azealia Banks' Ex-Fiance Fired as Creative Director After Body-Shaming Zara Larsson
The '212' hitmaker has apparently got her former fiance Ryder Ripps fired from his job after she exposed him for making offensive comments about the Swedish singer's look.
Mar 15, 2021
Azealia Banks. The conceptual artist worked for
Zara Larsson as a creative director but he was soon fired by the Swedish star after Azealia exposed his private texts where he seemingly had no qualm about making disparaging comments about Zara's body.
In one screenshot, Ryder appeared to make fun of Zara's arm by referring to her as "Zara Armsson." In another, he supposedly dropped a B-word while taking a shot at Zara's look. "I think z should get fatter and stop trying to be hot," he reportedly wrote. "Just be a fat b***h."

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Why I'm calling out body shaming as a disabled woman: 'My body isn't broken or unworthy'

Writer Melissa Blake shares her experience with cruel taunts — and coming to love her "badass" body.

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Zara Larsson Sacks Creative Director Following Body-Shaming Comments

Zara Larsson Sacks Creative Director Following Body-Shaming Comments

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Please let me live, my body just reproduced: Juggun Kazim

Actor ended up crying while narrating the haunting recollections of being body-shamed during and after pregnancy
Earlier, Juggun Kazim opened up about being fat shamed during her pregnancy and even after suffering a miscarriage.
The actor and TV host made the revelation in a lengthy Instagram post in September 2019, a week after she lost her child. Now, in an interview with 
BBC Urdu, Juggun has shared how traumatic it was for her to give birth and still be body shamed. 
She started off by recalling the time she gave birth to her first child and gained almost 30kg. “I used to cry secretly in the washroom,” she told the outlet, adding that she was forced to question her decision of giving birth.The talk show host then relayed how after giving birth to her youngest daughter recently, she received some really mean comments from her co-workers regarding her body.

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The 77 Percent - The Magazine for Africa′s Youth | The 77 Percent | DW

The 77 Percent
The 77 Percent - The Magazine for Africa's Youth
What does your outer appearance say about you? The 77 Percent takes you to Kinshasa to meet the Congolese sapeurs. Our host, Edith Kimani, talks to Kenyan stylist, Sunny Dolat about designs made in Africa. We meet a Ugandan beauty queen who is fighting against the stigma surrounding HIV and a designer from northern Nigeria introduces us into the world of Abaya design.
Watch video

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The Spread: We all need body positivity | The 77 Percent | DW

The Spread: We all need body positivity
Should you as a young mother be self-conscious of your baby weight? Defintely not! Society's beauty standards are unrealistic – you’ll never be tall or skinny enough. Here’s what the 77 Percent’s sex and relationship expert KAZ thinks about this.
Watch video

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In the Year of Our Lord 2021, It's Time We Stop Body Shaming Men

It seems as if men are still supposed to just suck it up and be okay with people's horrible and unjust opinions. But it's not okay, and it's never been okay.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mrunal Thakur on being told she can't make it into Bollywood: They said you have a television face

EXCLUSIVE: Mrunal Thakur on being told she can’t make it into Bollywood: They said you have a television face
In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Mrunal Thakur spoke about her transition from TV to films, the roadblocks that she faced and much more. Read on.
Written By
Avinash Lohana
136395 reads
Updated: March 6, 2021 07:06 pm
EXCLUSIVE: Mrunal Thakur on being told she can’t make it into Bollywood: They said you have a television face
After featuring in a couple of television shows including Ekta Kapoor’s Kumkum Bhagya, Mrunal Thakur impressed everyone with her performance in Tabrez Noorani’s 2018 drama, Love Sonia. She was later seen with Hrithik Roshan in Super 30 and with John Abraham in Batla House. She also has the Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey and Toofan with Farhan Akhtar in the pipeline. The actress made a successful transition from TV to films, however she admits that the journey wasn’t easy. Mrunal admits that she was discouraged while making the transition. 

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Kim Kardashian Reflects on Traumatizing Body-Shaming from Pregnancy

"To say this didn't take a toll on me mentally would be a lie," says Kim Kardashian, who suffered from preeclampsia during her pregnancy with daughter North West, who's now 7½

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Exclusive – Choreographer Karishma Chavan on fighting body-image issues: I want to tell people that you can dance even if you are fat

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Cute or body shaming? Fitting into UNIQLO children's wear new fashion trend

By Global Times Published: Mar 03, 2021 05:43 PM
Adult tries on UNIQLO's children's shirt. Photo: Screenshot of photo from Red Little Book on Weibo The "young girls" section of Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO has recently become particularly voguish in China, as young women have been trying to squeeze into these garments, not only because of their cute designs and good prices, but also to appear cute and skinny. 
Online posts with labels such as "petite girl try: UNIQLO children" and "sweet spicy girl-UNIQLO children's clothing" have become hot hits on social media platforms like Little Red Book, a popular Chinese lifestyle-sharing application, and Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like social media platform. 

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After Shirtless Pic in Tabloid, Jonah Hill Delivers a Message

Actors are used to seeing their photos, often furtively shot by paparazzi, strewn about the tabloids, but Jonah Hill decided he wasn't going to stay silent after a recent...

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Jonah Hill Responds To 'Years Of Public Mockery' After Seeing His Shirtless Pics Appear Online, And His Post Goes Viral

Loving ourselves and our bodies as they are is far, far easier said than done. Being proud of ourselves doesn’t mean just struggling with fitness and a good diet. At the same time, you have to deal with mockery from the sidelines which requires tremendous willpower not to give into others’ opinions about you. With the world’s eyes on them, celebrities are under extreme pressure because they constantly have to deal with paparazzi and malicious articles. Jonah Hill, however, is showing all of us how to ignore the haters. In an Instagram post, the 37-year-old American actor called out the Daily Mail for body-shaming him after they published photos of him surfing and walking around without a shirt. He spoke about how insecure he used to be about his body and how the way that the media treats him doesn’t even phase him anymore.

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Jonah Hill on Learning to 'Finally Love and Accept Myself'

Jonah Hill is done letting body-shamers get in the way of his self-esteem.
On Friday, the
Superbad actor opened up about his journey toward self-acceptance in a candid post on Instagram. The star posted a screenshot of a recent Daily Mail article that featured photos of him surfing in a wetsuit and drying off without a shirt.
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In his Instagram post, Hill, 37, explained that he's struggled with body image issues throughout his life, which have been exacerbated by his rise in fame.

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Was called Fatrina, says Zareen Khan on body-shaming and comparison with Katrina

Was called Fatrina, says Zareen Khan on body-shaming and comparison with Katrina
Was called Fatrina, says Zareen Khan on body-shaming and comparison with Katrina
Zareen Khan in a recent interview talked at length about being compared to Katrina Kaif. The actress also opened up on how body-shaming affected her.
Zareen Khan made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in Veer.
Zareen Khan is one of those actresses, who despite having a dream Bollywood debut, couldn’t make it big in the industry. Zareen made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in the film Veer and more than her acting skills, her physical resemblance to Katrina Kaif became the talking point. Another aspect that always kept her in the headlines was her weight. The actress in a recent interview talked at length about how she felt when she was compared to Katrina and how body shaming affected her.

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No room for bullying: Dating apps swipe left on those that body shame

Many believe people are more likely to make unsolicited comments online, says a Bumble survey.

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Zareen Khan opens up on body shaming. Know how body-shaming affects individuals!

Body shaming can lead to self-harming behavior and social exclusion
Media propagated body images are bizarre and unhealthy
New Delhi: Actor Zareen Khan, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in Veer (2010) sharing her experience to a leading media outlet said she had no separate identity other than actress Katrina Kaif's look alike. Zareen was also brutally fat-shamed and mocked as 'Fat'-rina'. 
In another interview with a news agency, IANS Zareen revealed, "I am a wide structured person and I cannot cut my bones off.”
Sadly Zareen's experience is not a one-off one and is something that many people are subjected to, especially in the entertainment industry. Actress Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, and Tara Sutaria have openly spoken about experiencing body shaming.

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Simphiwe Dana gets dragged for 'body shaming' skinny people on Twitter

"Stop deflecting and start acknowledging how we are biased against overweight sweeties. I am not sorry," Simphiwe said in response.

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Bikinis Break Barriers as Indian Models Combat Moral Policing, Body Shaming Head On

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Kundali Bhagya Fame Anjum Fakih On Dealing With Body-Shaming: I Usually Ignore The Trolls

Kundali Bhagya Fame Anjum Fakih On Dealing With Body-Shaming: I Usually Ignore The Trolls
Updated: Friday, January 15, 2021, 10:49 [IST]

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A Bra Ka D Bra is a takedown of the culture of body shaming

Bani’s story is a reality that millions live with.
01 Jan, 2021 - 11:44 AM IST     |     By Devika Bhattacharya    
NEW DELHI: Insecurities. Everyone has them. Stemming from the perception of how others see us. In the age of Instagram we’re all on display, and for many people, their self-esteem hinges on that one ‘heart’ from virtual strangers. Even though no two bodies are alike, and there is no right way to be beautiful, we’re all chasing that unattainable ideal – be it bubble booties, thigh gaps or perfectly plump bosoms.
Which brings us to the heart of the movie
A Bra Ka D Bra – the story of a young woman struggling to accept the fact that she is flat-chested. Her struggle is very real and very valid, for she inhabits a society where adolescent girls put women like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner on a pedestal and want to look like them in the hopes of one day getting a taste of their high-rolling lifestyle. While the protagonist Bani may not aspire to be a Kardashian, she is exceedingly conscious of her own lacking assets, a fact that is rubbed in her face at every turn by family members, peers and even random passers-by. Her cousin knowledgeably points out to her –

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this was before that and this one hasn't been revised to the standard that "to kill a mockingbird" was. i think we have to judge it as its own individual book and not try to put too much judgment on it. >> good advice. spencer, thank you for joining me. i still to come in the "newsroom," harry potter author j.k. rowling hits back hard against a twitter user for body shaming serena williams. the balance over body image among professional athletes with olympian amanda bingston.

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is this an issue that's part of racism or is it more about pressure to fit into this crazy ideal what have beauty is? let's talk about it with kareem abdul-jabbar. i was so moved when i read this. i'm so glad you could come talk to us about it. none of us feels perfect and we don't have to but we also don't need to feel shamed. you say body shaming is definitely a racist rejection of black women's bodies. >> i think it's a combination of racism and chauvanism because most men want women to be the vulnerable weak sex that needs male protection and needs a man to be fulfilled. and venus and serena williams don't fit into that picture at all. there are other people the young lady who just got the opportunity -- >> the first african-american

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that i could do and be whatever i wanted and so for me there were no limitations on what career path i chose. and then when i got into school the wonders of science, that just intrigued me so i had a number of teachers that influenced my path as well. >> alice bowman we are lucky as a society to have you and so many women like you. i'm reminded of margaret hamilton a name not enough people know a woman who wrote a lot of the code on the apollo 11 mission and whose work prevented the abortion of that moon landing. she led the way. you are leading the way. more power to you. thanks for being with me. >> thank you very much. still coming up i'm joined by an absolute nba legend. kareem abdul-jabbar. we will talk about what he wrote his latest op-ed about in "time" magazine. speaking about body shaming of female athletes.

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