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down the speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy is willing to make it easier to bring the speaker down in order for him to be speaker. but these are things that were a long time coming and when you only think about the next day and you don't think long term, this is the situation that we're getting into. >> interesting. >> and trying to overcome 14 votes is really difficult. that will also say i've seen a lot of crazier things happen when a deadline is looming. >> are any of the no votes persuadable? >> i think that is the chief question right now. and one of the chief concerns of mccarthy's allies. they are trying to figure out who is negotiating in good faith and who wants to watch kevin mccarthy crash and burn and has a personal vendetta against him. in the people like matt gates, andy biggs, they are seen as never going to vote for kevin mccarthy but the other dozen or so are seen as potentially more gettable. that is why you have him still working to get those votes to

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fans showing solidarity with the anti-government protesters back home. cnn don riddell is live in qatar. this is the world cup of upsets. you have saudi arabia beating argentina and japan defeated germany and iran wins over wales. have we ever seen a world cup start things off like this. >> reporter: it is money amazing, that is for sure. it is not the most amounts of upsets. big teams all crash and burn there are always surprises. but i think what marks this one is different is there are so many other sub plots and narratives. we have the human rights issue and the situation that the iran team are dealing with and that puts so much pressure on those players and i think that will -- what was so impressive about the win over wales today, i would say that iran beating wales was not that big of a surprise. iran usually play in the world cup. wales haven't been in this

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series �*cobra—kai'. now in his sixties, the original karate kid himself ralph macchio has written a book about the enduring legacy of the film. he's been speaking to our entertainment correspondent colin paterson. show me wax on, wax off. ralph macchio, what i love is the fact you have written this book, and you know what people want to hear about. truthfully, it is sort of the anti—memoir. it's not the normal crash and burn, drop down to the depths and build yourself back up to redemption story. it's more a celebration of that film, what it has meant for almost a0 years, what it's meant for me in my life and what it's been like to walk in those shoes. what do you think, mr miyagi? i tell you what miyagi thinks, i think you dance around too much.

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over everything. said for the first time since he started running the president sounded joyful. >> yeah. >> he sounded happy. he sounded relieved. and he sounded like the american people are good people, and i have been saying that, and i finally feel justified for all of these people who have been telling me i need to, like, just crash and burn and do what trump does. he said, they're good people. you can trust them. >> yeah, look, i've talked to the white house and people close to president biden too. >> how close to him? >> very close. not related. he used to talk when i was in the white house how after the election of 2020, the nerves were frayed. all of our nerves were frayed. he didn't get to enjoy, there was no big inauguration, he had

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some idea about what people have been saying. the bottom line to your question, it is quite simple. when you go in there, you cannot really hide. the editors determine how you look. when he says he is going to reach out to people, i never said that, i was not an mp at the time but i never said that. you are not there to rehabilitate yourself. you are there to sell advertising for itv. every crash and burn moment, everything itv think that the public will want to see, will be broadcast. i always think it is naive when people say, i will get my message across. their play, he has got a lot of people talking about dyslexia but fundamentally people will be switching on to see if he can do the trials and if he is as bad as people think. iwill trials and if he is as bad as people think. i will be watching because he is my friend but millions will be watching because they are hating him. igrate watching because they are hating him. ~ :, , watching because they are hating him. : . , , . , ., watching because they are hating him. . , ,. him. we are seeing pictures of your time in the — him. we are seeing pictures of your time in the jungle _ him. we are seeing pictures of your time in the jungle at _ him. we are seeing pictures of your time in the jungle at the _ him. we are seeing pictures of your time in the jungle at the moment, l time in the jungle at the moment, you look like you had a whale of a time. i'm curious to know why you

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people are angry with. if he is going to show himself to be that great big alpha male, that will crash and burn. and just to make sure, ant and dec have made sure they are going to do a bushtucker trial without anyone even voting for him but i'm sure they would have done anyway. ile him but i'm sure they would have done anyway-— him but i'm sure they would have donean a. , ., , ., ~' done anyway. he should be working, we are told. — done anyway. he should be working, we are told. he _ done anyway. he should be working, we are told, he is _ done anyway. he should be working, we are told, he is doing _ done anyway. he should be working, we are told, he is doing some - done anyway. he should be working, we are told, he is doing some work. we are told, he is doing some work before he entered the jungle, but he also said he was going where the voters are, and that's the point. a lot of people will watch this anti—politics in a different way as anti—politics in a different way as a result. —— and they make see politics in a different way as a result. , :, politics in a different way as a result. , ., , ., ~ result. there is a break in tradition. _ result. there is a break in tradition, normally - result. there is a break in tradition, normally when | result. there is a break in i tradition, normally when you result. there is a break in - tradition, normally when you go to the outback you have no communication whatsoever with the outside world. he has got this break clause that means you can get out if there is an emergency with his constituency and it looks like he has been communicating with the outside world will stop he will have

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and i think for candidates, too, they're making their last pitch, right. today is going to be their last pitch, their focus, this is their argument. >> so former president donald trump and barack obama were in battleground pennsylvania on saturday, as i said, campaigning for senate candidates locked in one of the country's most closely watched races. much of trump's speech was focused on himself. >> which, by the way, the "wall street journal" opinion page wrote about. once again, he comes to the end of the campaign and makes it all about himself. >> himself and also pushing debunked, untrue conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. whereas this was former president obama's closing message. >> we kind of crash and burn politics we're seeing right now. that doesn't have to be who we are. we can be better.

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so politics and state crafts and substance move on two different time lines, right? there's headlines, now history and substance. the great presidents, the great congresses, actually managed to have those two intersect in realtime, and that's what we're waiting to see whether they do intersect in realtime. i remember president bush senior, moods come and go, but greatness endures. and you have to govern for the greatness and just see what happens with the passions of the moment. >> you know, the thing that biden has had in common with truman is both faced a very hostile republican congress and in both instances, there was bipartisan agreement on the major foreign policy issues of

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democracy crash and burn? bishop william barber joins me next and how hard did the january 6th select committee go after their house colleagues who refuse to cooperate? tonight's absolute worst interviews well and now that he's got the job, you're like i immediately regret this decision. "the reidout" continues after this. ely regret this decision "the reidout" continues after "the reidout" continues after thisom all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪and they're always glad you came ♪ looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪

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senator sinema, senator manchin, our future hinges on your decision and history will remember what choice you make. >> tomorrow is the day we'll find out which side of history those senators that dr. king's family called out to act on his legacy are really on. our democracy our protecting the filibuster as the senate takes up voting rights legislation. members of king's family and fellow activists have kept up the pressure all weekend with a march in arizona on saturday on dr. king's actual birthday and a voting rights march in the nation's capitol today. joining me is bishop william barber, co-chairman of the poor people's campaign. bishop barber, my main question to you is at this point is the moral persuasion of the king family in your view, you've talked to these people, you've dealt with the administration and the senators, is that going to be enough to sway them do you

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