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second. show you the trees being blown over throughout the parking lot. we have telephone poles down in the distance. there's terra-cotta roofing that is flying around. we'll look out front here. what is normally a major roadway. i mentioned this early on a. we were going to see how the street lights held up. we're not holding on. we've had several crash down, a few remain. they have come very close to a car that was trying to pass through. neil, i'll tell you how powerful this wind is. these street lights are heavy. when they fall down, the wind moves them out of the roadway and pushes them down the streets like toys. we've heard the transformers exploding. shingles coming off of roofs. glass breaking near the building

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LOL Patch 12.10 is better to be called a revolutionary update for the game as it's going to change things a lot for all Champions.

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board. it said rock stars because that was our theme for test ago doing the best you can. this is the hallway. here's the other bathroom. >> reporter: billboard? >> no, that was up here. >> reporter: oh. is that -- that was in your classroom? >> yeah, that's all my stuff. all our stuff. >> here's the language arts that... my desk was sitting right over there. they have pulled those since. for once tdidn't have papers on it. it was nice and clear when i walked away the other day. but they have bulldozed a whole lot of things. to look for people, i guess. >> reporter: you were one of the first on the scene. you are looking for her-- the video that you shared with us -- never before seen video, tell me about what we are seeing in this video as it relates to right here. >> let me say, i came in and we -- we -- we found janice and the kids in the bathrooms.

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feeling. i'm kind of numb. i am thankful. grateful. i had a little boy with me and wanted me to promise that we weren't going to die. >> reporter: at any point during it, janice, did you think, you might not survive it? >> yeah. it crossed my mind. because they were asking me if we were going to survive. and i had to think about that. it was -- it was so loud and took so long. all this grit and grime was in our clocking. when i got home and pulled off my t-shirt, it was all fell out. it was imbedded in our scalps. that was the roof. >> reporter: did some of this stuff crash down, obviously, on you? >> this board right here. this is what protected us. >> reporter: is this, then a pile of rubble what was your classroom? >> right there was my bulletin

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