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We Need To Stop Rationalizing Rape

We Need To Stop Rationalizing Rape
Yesterday was a sad, sad day. COVID-19 numbers were at an all-time high with hundreds in the hospital, we learned about the death of President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania and the news broke about an alleged assault on a young Kenyan woman named Velvine Nungari.
This story was recounted to blogger Edgar Obare by Velvine's friends and appeared on his Instagram Stories on Thursday, 18 March 2021.
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Edgar Obare's Instagram stories: 18 March 2021
It seems that Velvine's friends messaged Edgar and explained that three weeks ago, on the evening of Tuesday 23rd of February, 24-year-old Velvine allegedly went on a date with an acquaintance.https://www.instagram.com/_____wanj.iru/?igshid=772d9ahc1t30death notice was published on 15 March, 2021.

Kenya police turn to Twitter PR as the arrest of a blogger goes against public opinion

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Kenya police have taken to Twitter in an effort to gain the population's trust but their handling of the arrest of a high-profile blogger has instead brought on the fury of public opinion.
On March 4, the official Twitter account of The Directorate of Criminal Investigations—Kenya @DCI_Kenya published a thread confirming the arrest of blogger Edgar Obare, for allegedly seeking to defraud and extort 10,000 U.S. dollars from a Kenyan politician.
In a Twitter thread that contained a series of salacious posts, including photos of the blogger and his alleged accomplice, the DCI accused Obare of outright blackmail. The posts alleged that he was a serial fraudster:

Edgar Obare – DCI is Being Used To Target Me Unfairly

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Edgar Obare – DCI is Being Used To Target Me Unfairly
Last week Thursday, Edgar Obare found himself behind bars for the second time in his short “blogging” career.
DCI detectives arrested the popular Instagram scandalmonger for allegedly running a criminal network that blackmails wealthy Kenyans by tainting their reputation online and extorting money to clear their names.
After meddling in the affairs of YouTuber Natalie Tewa and her alleged relationship with governor Joho last year, Obare this time around went after governor Alfred Mutua and fell flat on his face.
Edgar Obare was arrested alongside one Desy Oduor Achieng, who according to the DCI was coached by the blogger to extort Sh10 million from the Machakos governor by claiming she was pregnant by him.

Blogger Edgar Obare arrested over Ksh. 10 Million extortion

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Blogger Edgar Obare arrested over Ksh. 10 Million extortion
Blogger Edgar Obare arrested over Ksh. 10 Million extortion
Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives have arrested blogger Edgar Obare and a young woman over an alleged extortion of Ksh. 10,000,000.
Obare was arrested last night and is being accused of organizing a ring of girls extorting money from famous people and politicians.
The DCI says that Obare had allegedly set up the young woman Daisy Achieng Oduor to extort a prominent governor Ksh. 10,000,000.
“Obare had shared the governor’s number with her and instructed her to tell him that she was pregnant with his child and that she would tell the whole world about their little secret,” said the DCI.

Edgar Obare arrested over claims of trying to extort Governor Sh10 million

Judah Ben-Hur |
March 4th 2021 at 21:42:31 GMT +0300
Edgar Obare arrested by DCI. [Courtesy, DCI]
Edgar Obare, infamous for leaking people’s personal information on social media has been arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).
The social media personality with 354,000 followers on Instagram has been charged with publishing false information after allegedly coaching a woman to extort money from a prominent governor.
Statement by the DCI reveals that one Desy Oduor Achieng, Obare’s co-accused had been coached how to stalk a prominent governor with the hope of extorting Sh10 million from him.
The detectives say that Obare had shared the governor’s number with her and instructed her to tell him that she was pregnant with his child and that “she would tell the whole world about their little secret.”

Jalango – 'Boys' Club Cheating Scandal Almost Killed My Career

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Jalango – ‘Boys’ Club Cheating Scandal Almost Killed My Career
Radio presenter and YouTuber Jalang’o has revisited one of his most trying moments in life, revealing how a cheating scandal almost ended his career.
Early last year, Jalango was said to be a member of a notorious Boys’ Club alongside several of his friends. According to Instagram busy body Edgar Obare, Jalas and his married friends were sleeping around with several women, then comparing notes on their Whatsapp group.
Speaking about the scandal on Kiss FM, Jalang’o recounted how friends, clients dissociated from him. The comedian said only his mother and his wife stood by him.

14 key moments that defined 254 showbiz

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14 key moments that defined 254 showbiz
3 months ago
In a controversial showbiz year in the 254, Covid-19 pandemic wiped out shows, TikTok reels made influencers and comedians big money, celebrities and politicians’ ‘tea’ was all over the place, new faces made Nairobi international, while industry dinosaurs still pulled the same old tricks. In our last dance, here are the moments that defined 254 showbiz.
Azziad utawezana?
A 20-year-old with a slim waist and boneless dance moves literally popularised songs, apps, brands and everything in between just by her presence. Azziad Nasenya became an online sensation after a dance video of her to an already buzzing Femi One featuring Mejja single, Utawezana, went viral.

Photos: Facebook Detectives unveil Sponsor of Betty Kyallo's latest vacation

Photos: Facebook Detectives unveil Sponsor of Betty Kyallo’s latest vacation
After weeks of speculation on who might be funding Betty Kyallo’s latest vacation to different places including naivasha coast and tours to other parts of the nation.
For the past few hours pictures that could only be identified by King people have been trending on social media. The media personality was taking a photo somewhere in Limuru in the middle of a road but the pictures spoke thousand words.
It’s either the former k24 news anchor is in a mission to get a light skin second born all an Arabic origin.

Six top celebrity scandals of 2020

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Six top celebrity scandals of 2020
Robert Burale. Photo: Courtesy.
Kenyan celebville was relatively scandal-free in 2020 majorly due to entertainment restrictions following the outbreak of coronavirus. There were, however, controversies which lit up social media and stunned everyone. 
Renowned city preacher and motivational speaker Robert Burale was in July trolled moments after he announced he had tested positive for Covid-19. This is after netizens raised questions over his Covid status with some critics claiming Burale was faking his illness for attention, an allegation he denied. 
“Some people said I was paid Sh20 million (to fake having Covid-19). Being sick is not a public relations exercise. I’m at a place where I don’t concentrate on the stones being thrown because then it makes you lose focus. For me, the beauty is that my foundation is with God, and once you’re with God, there are some things that will not shake you,” Burale clarified.

Artist Marya dumps cheating husband, calls him "community" husband

Artist Marya dumps cheating husband, calls him “community” husband
Singer Mary Maina Wanjiru, popularly known as Marya, has parted ways with her husband.
The Chokoza hitmaker cared to share the heartbreaking details about her failed marriage at the weekend.
She’s been the wife of one
Kevin Mutisya for the past five years and the couple is blessed with a three-year-old son.
In a series of Insta stories, the artist stated she’d had enough of her Dubai based ex, whom she accused of infidelity. She also claimed the issues that led to this break up had caused her to fall into depression.

Meet the Masaai man dating Betty Kyallo's sister Mercy Kyallo, super rich!

Meet the Masaai man dating Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy Kyallo, super rich!
Is Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy dating? This is what many are asking after she posted photos rocking matching Maasai outfits with a mysterious man.
Betty Kyallo commented on the pictures and she wrote,
‘I love it when you’re happy.’
Gloria Kyallo, her younger sister wrote,‘Harusi tunayo, hatunaaa?’
Fans of Mercy flooded her post, trying to unravel the face of the mysterious man and others wished her nothing but the best in case he was her future bae.
simahkk Mbona our Moran amefichwa
nnanetoi Weuweeeee hapo kwa maasai kila kitu itakuwa sorted

Top 10 Kenyan YouTube channels that blew up this year

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Top 10 Kenyan YouTube channels that blew up this year
Here is a list of Kenyan YouTube channels that have been sought after this year:
Bonga na Jalas- During the COVID-19 period especially the early months of the spread of the virus in the country, when the rules were strict, people had to look for a source of entertainment.
Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o took advantage of the period to give Kenyans what they yearned for.
The comedian’s YouTube channel blew up with the famous Bonga na Jalas show on Jalang’o TV.
Jalas has managed to attract viewers and make them stick like glue with his top notch interviewing skills not forgetting his lively and comical nature that just makes anyone want to see more of him.

Is female circumcision creeping back into Central Kenya?

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Lydiah Nyawira |
November 28th 2020 at 12:03:46 GMT +0300
When outspoken cleric, Reverend Timothy Njoya, said ‘a woman’s clitoris should be where God put it’, he made it clear that female genital mutilation is an outdated practice that belongs in the dustbin of history.
It is, therefore, surprising that the practice is secretly creeping back to Central Kenya under the guise of “cultural revival” well over half a century after independence — a matter that has raised concern at the highest levels of Kenya’s Catholic Church and elicited a sharp rebuke from John Cardinal Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi.
According to our investigations, a section of the Agikuyu Community have been on a secret quest to regain their cultural heritage, with the formation of groups that advocate of the cultural teachings in lifestyle and ritual in the past decade.  These groups are known ‘mburi cia kiama’, (goats of the wazee)

As lines are drawn, where do influencers and artists land?

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As lines are drawn, where do influencers and artists land?
There is an amplification of online protests by celebrities and social media influencers [Photo: Shutterstock/Instagram/Courtesy]
Blogger Edgar Obare was supposed to appear in court on 2 November 2020. He was accused of sharing confidential travel documents of YouTuber Natalie Wanjiru Githinji alias Natalie Tewa, back in July,2020. But Obare never showed. It later turned out that he had allegedly been abducted by police officers.
“Three men approached me and asked me my name. Then they quickly held me by my pants and took me to a waiting car,” narrated Obare. He recounts how he was handcuffed, blindfolded and ferried to an unknown location. The blogger says the law enforcers attempted unsuccessfully to get him to unlock his phone, denied him water and even drugged him. “They decided to strip me naked in the car, by tearing all my clothes to my boxers,” his statement read in part. He added that they took explicit pictures of him, naked while further humiliating him and asking him why he breaks families. They badgered him, wanting to know who pays him for the exposes he is notorious for. Obare was finally thrown out of the car in thorny bushes, and he discovered he was in Nyeri.

Twitter Streets: Hot Trends Today- November 4

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Blogger Edgar Obare, ‘Kidnapped, Stripped, Threatened’
On Monday, social media personality Xtian Dela claimed that Edgar Obare had been kidnapped while attending a court case. “Breaking: Edgar Obare arrested at Kiambu Law courts as he was attending a mention of his case against Natalie Tewa”, posted Dela on his Insta Stories. “His phone confiscated and whereabouts unknown. His family and his lawyer don’t know where he has been taken. The police have refused to say where he has been taken.”
Come Tuesday, Obare surfaced online to narrate the events as they occurred on the material day. “I had a court a case on November 2

Relationships and socialmedia publicity: Will it always end in tears?

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As the pair who spent six years together took to YouTube to share their sides of the story, the public made a spectacle of the parents who share two young sons.
That these public displays of bitterness and anger will forever live in our Facebook and Instagram history as well as the depths of our YouTube timelines is a constant reminder of the phrase, “the internet never forgets.”
Before that, it was the case of celebrated gospel disc jokey Samuel “DJ Mo” Muraya and his wife of seven years Linet Muraya, popularly known as Size 8 Reborn.
The drama started when infamous blogger Edgar Obare claimed the couple’s marriage was riddled with multiple infidelities, despite the picture perfect family posts they would put on social media.

Kenyans react as Edgar Obare accuses police of kidnap, brutality

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Blogger Edgar Obare has accused the police of kidnapping and assaulting him. Photo: edgarobare/Instagram.
After going missing on November 2 while attending the hearing of court case where he’s accused of sharing confidential travel documents of YouTuber Natalie Wanjiru Githinji alias Natalie Tewa, blogger Edgar Obare was reported to have gone missing. Fellow blogger Xtian Dela was the first to raise alarm, saying that Obare had been whisked away by unknown persons. On November 3, Obare resurfaced, posting “I am alive” on his Instagram stories. The blogger then proceeded to accuse the authorities of kidnapping him before assaulting and stripping him naked.  

We like giving..but not necessarily money

What you need to know:
Many Kenyans have come up with initiatives to aid the poor through this pandemic, and the youth haven’t been left behind.
They draw immense satisfaction simply from seeing broad smiles on the beneficiaries’ faces. 
Thank you for reading Nation.Africa
The coronavirus pandemic has thrown many households into disarray. When the disease swept through the globe, leading to the imposition of a worldwide curfew and restrictions on movement for the first time in about a century, almost everyone took a hit. We started seeing businesses closing down and many citizens were rendered jobless.

Betty Bayo urges Size 8 not to leave DJ Mo over cheating scandal

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- Bayo urged Size 8 to fight for her marriage because according to her, cheating is not a serious offense
- While some of her fans agreed with her, others said she was not the right person to give Size 8 that piece of advice
- Bayo walked out of her own marriage with Kanyari citing various issues including infidelity
Help us change more lives, join TUKO.co.ke’s Patreon programme - https://www.patreon.com/tuko
Gospel singer Betty Bayo is the latest celebrity to add her voice to the cheating scandal involving DJ Mo.
Singer Betty Bayo said cheating is a minor mistake. Photo: UGC

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