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Israel-Hamas war: PM Christopher Luxon on resumption of fighting in Gaza, Palestine after humanitarian pause, says no peace through military action

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says fighting resuming in Israel and Palestine is “heartbreaking” while asserting no peace will be achieved through military...

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Israel-Hamas war: Israeli strikes kill more than 175 people in Gaza as ceasefire ends

Israel’s war with Hamas erupted again, as airstrikes hit houses and buildings in the Gaza Strip minutes after a weeklong truce expired. Health authorities in...

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Wānaka McDonald's protesters must realise it is no longer a 'little mountain town'

Wānaka residents fighting plans for a McDonald’s need to realise the resort is “not the little mountain town” it once was, a developer involved in the...

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The strange $89m saga of a Netflix series you'll never see

After suitors flocked to a sci-fi project by Carl Rinsch, director of a single movie, the winner handed over money and control. They’re still fighting. Near...

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Bizarre moment man 'fights' Ostrich on side of the road as it obstructs busy traffic - World News

The man - who was dressed all in black - was seen gripping the tall bird by its neck and dragging it off the road before it was knocked down by a passing vehicle in China's Henan Province

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Scores reported killed in Gaza as fighting shatters Israel-Hamas truce

Scores reported killed in Gaza as fighting shatters Israel-Hamas truce - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine insists it sees no sign of Nato war fatigue even as fighting and weapons supplies stall

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba insisted that Nato allies are showing no sign of war fatigue and remain committed to helping Ukraine defend itself...

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Firefighters tackling blaze at refuse station on Auckland's North Shore

Firefighters are tonight fighting a blaze on Auckland’s North Shore, believed to be the location of a refuse station. The Herald understands Fenz received...

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