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Why a glass of wine before bed won't help you sleep better

There is a common belief within our communities that a drink of alcohol before bed can aid in a night of restful and well-rounded sleep. The experts have now...

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Last chance to recycle glass in Missoula this year at Imagine Nation Brewing

Sunday is your last chance to recycle glass this year, the drop off time is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Imagine Nation Brewing.Organizers ask that you do not leave

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A Glassmaker Combines Traditional Techniques and Modern Tech

Sini Majuri combines traditional techniques with modern tech to explore human nature.

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Champagne House Perrier-Jouet Holds Its Very First Museum Exhibition

Wishing to share its more than 200-year-old heritage with the widest possible audience, Perrier-Jouët presents its first-ever museum exhibition, “A Banquet of Wonders, Delighting in the World”, at the Museum of Champagne Wine and Regional Archeology in Epernay in the Champagne region of France.

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Instagram alternative Glass is getting more expensive in 2024 is an excellent alternative for photographers who want to escape the Instagram grind. But it's getting more expensive in 2024.

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Thyssenkrupp Appoints Jens Schulte as CFO, Expands Board

By Helena Smolak Thyssenkrupp appointed Jens Schulte as its chief financial officer and has expanded the executive board in a move to sharpen the industrial...

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How to enjoy ruby port wine

Ruby Port, the most overlooked style of fortified wine made in Portugal, is a fresh and fruity entry-level choice.

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X-rays reveal how glasses lose their stability

Is glass solid or liquid? There is a popular misconception that old glass, which is often thicker at the bottom than at the top (such as stained-glass windows from cathedrals), flows downwards ove ...

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Kim Hill's last Radio NZ show: Diana Wichtel farewells a broadcast legend

I’ve been terrified by Kim Hill , twice. In 2012, I braced myself at her Wellington door as her dog hurled himself at the glass. I might have been arriving...

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