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One of Samsung's Best Curved Monitors is $600 off Right Now

Snap up one of the best curved gaming monitors around -- the Samsung 49-inch Odyssey G9 -- for a great price as part of the Samsung sale going on.

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The best (and worst) examples of Nvidia RTX in PC gaming

Nvidia now has over 500 RTX games and apps, so it's time to look back at a few big wins, and a couple of unfortunate misses.

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Someone just used an AMD and Nvidia GPU at the same time

There's AMD and there's Nvidia, but what if you put them together and use them in the same PC? Insane performance, apparently.

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What AMD needs to do to beat Nvidia in 2024

AMD and Nvidia are always battling for dominance in the GPU market -- but what can AMD do to actually win the fight?

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Graphics terms every PC gamer should know

There are dozens of graphics terms PC gamers need to keep track of. We rounded them up so you know what to look for while playing games.

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How to vertically mount your GPU (and why you might want to)

Want to have a better look at your GPU while you're gaming? Vertically mounting it is one solution. Here's how to do it.

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Nvidia is 'no longer a graphics company'

Nvidia is an AI company more than it's a graphics company, and apparently that was an intentional shift from within the company.

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This might be why the RTX 4090 is getting so expensive

Prices have been rising for Nvidia's RTX 4090 over the last several weeks, and we might finally have an explanation as to why that's the case.

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3 easy ways to quickly improve Fortnite performance

Getting good performance in Fortnite is important if you want to be competitive. Here are the best ways to boost your frame rate to help you win more often.

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