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Black Button Collared Shirt Wand Masturbation

"Black Button Collared Shirt Wand Masturbation" - CUSTOM - Buyer Comment: unbuttoned collared shirt (maybe tied showing cleavage) with the collar turned up high. Filmed in a way so I can see that popped shirt collar as much as possible. Masturbate with toy of your choice.

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MC Exclusive: Govt to come out with estimate for logistics costs by the year-end: DPIIT Special Secretary Dawra

The government was earlier expected to announce the baseline estimate by October, but the process has been delayed due to the complexity involved in accurately coming out with an estimate.

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FSA to ease 'notice of loss' deadline requirements for ELAP, LIP | Agri-Pulse Communications, Inc.

The Farm Service Agency on Wednesday announced that it will waive the 30-day requirements for producers to submit notices of loss after disasters in the Emergency Asssistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm Raised Fish (ELAP) and Livestock Indemnity (LIP) programs.

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Incredible Audio, Private Art Collections, and Swiss Skin Care

Plus elevated footwear, a perfect slip dress, and the giftable objects and experiences our editors loved this month.

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Incredible Audio, Private Art Collections, and Swiss Skin Care

Plus elevated footwear, a perfect slip dress, and the giftable objects and experiences our editors loved this month.

Pennsylvania , United-states , Berkeley , California , Belgium , Switzerland , Isabella-stewart-gardner-museum , Massachusetts , Washington , Seattle-art-museum , Brooklyn , New-york

How to Apply Lipstick the Right Way

It does involve using a liner but not necessarily in the way you might think. Plus, tips for smoothing your skin and layering on color that won’t smudge.

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Kansas City's 94th Annual Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony

A Kansas City tradition for more than 90 years, you can attend in person this year, or watch the spectacle right here on KMBC 9.

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Seller's Remorse: How a Thrift Store Owner Let a $191,000 Painting Slip Through His Fingers for $4

“Obviously we missed the boat," explained the thrift store owner that sold a rare N.C. Wyeth painting for $4. It resold for $191,000.

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Man jailed for brutally beating partner who suffered brain bleed, broken eye socket, split lip

The unprovoked attack by Sean Oratia Wilson on his girlfriend that left her with a brain bleed, broken eye socket, split lip and chipped teeth might have...

Gisborne , New-zealand-general- , New-zealand , Matamata , Whanganui , Sean-oratia-wilson , Brett-crowley , Hamilton-district-court-on , Hamilton-district-court , Judge-crowley , Man , Jailed

Kiryu's New Voice Actor Hits Sour Note in Like a Dragon, Karaoke Clip Sparks Online Uproar

Yakuza's fanbase debates new voice actor Yong Yea's performance as Kiryu Kazuma, sparking passionate opinions and criticism in the community.

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