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one in which we can share to some extent and, therefore work in a common way. we're not at that point yet. i think it's worth trying to get to that point. >> we have a responsibility for that, to protecting them as we heard in the past. we heard in the past i believe you testified on the hill, the coalition has the responsibility to protect the opposition forces, specifically the ones trained by the u.s. the larger forces, what is the coalition responsibility if they're coming under airstrikes by the russians? the strikes by the assad regime? >> we have conducted air operations against isil, al nuzra and other targets. it is not our practice to conduct air operations against all those who are fighting assad for the reason that i have now, i keep coming back to, which is that to simply defend assad and

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>> mr. secretary, time for one more? >> back as the chief, you mentioned that there would be a lot more mergers agong defense companies in the coming years. we have been seeing more of that recently, there have been a lot of concerns that feels like it will eliminate competition. i was wondering your assessment of these murders and are they starting to go too far? >> i can't comment on that particular case that's being determined at this time and i do remember back then. what i said then and still believe is that it was important to excessive consolidation in the defense industry to the point where we did not have multiple vendors who could compete with one another. many programs. and to the proint point where we had so-called vertical integration in companies to an

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ultimately to me by the end of the year is their analysis, their studies, their thoughts about both about which specialties, if any should be left closed to women and importantly how they intend to make any adaptations that are required. so there are many different aspects to this. it's all important. the only point i want to make at this juncture, since it will be some months before these things make their way to me and i do want to give the cramer the time to as has been planned for him to look at them. the only point i wanted to make is i am going to be very facts based and analysis based. i want to see the grounds upon which any actions that we take the 1st of the year will be made. that's the frame with which i

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sequence. now if it came to the position of trying to achieve those two objectives, a political transition and the fight against extremism in parallel, then i think our interests would have some overlap and whenever you have overlapping interests, you have the possibility of cooperating. so i hope we get to that point. but that would require a change from this current position, which is as i said yu not logical t. two pieces don't overlap. >> mr. secretary, do you see -- >> mr. secretary, going back to the timing really quickly, since you just announced the military-to-military talks were going to beginning, you announced it yesterday, were you not surprised the russians began their airstrikes before the talks even started? and secondly, when the talks do start, how can that not slow down the u.s.-led campaign against isis if you got to decon flict. >> they, it gets back to the previous question, they have indicated now for quite some time they were going to begin to

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