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been incredibly tough. and they are just relieved brittney griner is homeward bound tonight. lester? >> andrea mitchell, thanks. with me now paul whelan's brother david who has been a tireless advocate for paul's freedom. mr. whelan i can only maeng the range of emotions you've gone through. your brother said he's greatly disappointed more has not been done to secure his release. do you think more could have been done? >> i think at this point, no. i think the u.s. government has really run through all of its options, and i think the challenge for our family is to wait and see what other options the u.s. can drum up. >> the white house gave your family advance notice that brittney griner would be coming home and that your brother would not be. that's a lot to take in. can you tell me how you all processed that reality? >> well, i have to say the white house was very considerate, but having that time was nice.

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if i'm stuck here much longer, i'm in danger of seeing any of them again. >> what's it like to hear your brother say that again? >> it's hard. you can hear the despair and that's also the reality. he asks for a roadmap and there isn't one. where we are going has not been plumbed because it changes with each detainee. >> i don't know. >> david, our thoughts are with you. >> thank you very much for having me. >> and the incredible grace with which you and your family are handling this news. thank you. >> i do want to mention another american still in russian custody here. mark foghle. i'm going to be speaking with

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the biden administration doesn't really have much in terms of concessions to give to russia at this point because viktor bout, who was traded in this one for one deal with brittney griner was really the person we had been hearing was of top interest to the kremlin. so they're asking what else is there. administration officials saying they're going to go back to the drawing board. state department spokesperson saying very clearly tonight keep the faith to paul whelan. they're coming back for him. >> what are you learning about the griner deal? >> well, the griner deal, it was that one for one. and as we heard from phil just there, it was recent days where this deal was actually signed off. but it was recent weeks where administration officials had to grapple with the reality that of course they wanted paul whelan and brittney griner home, but the russians were only willing to do this one for one, griner for viktor bout swap. so essentially, what they had to do was do this deal now or

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it is -- it is different. the history of the monarchy is different. there is aspects of it as a black woman that she would -- i mean different in the idea what she would have to think about. >> and here's the reality, they deserved the support of their family. they deserved a family that could listen and could adapt, and they didn't get that. and now people want to say she's a cribaby and she's a prima donna, etseta, et cetera. but i ask anybody you put yourself in that situation and you imagine all those people coming at you, and you live on a continent with actual nazis, et cetera, and say you'd be happy to have no protection. >> all i'm saying and she was asking a whatever 88-year-old traditional woman to adapt. >> how do you see it? >> well, like i said last night i don't really watch the royals and that's my right. we won a war over it, but,

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The Ingraham Angle

obviously, he's been there a lot longer, and, has mr. fogel, the teacher, been there a lot longer. so what is the government saying to your family now about paul? >> well, i think they have been consistent in that they have been dedicated certainly in the last two years particularly, to help paul, to bring him home, and to do what they can, but the reality is, each case, paul is one of over maybe 50 americans who are being held in countries like iran and china and syria, each of those cases has different requirements in order to have that person be free and i think in this case we found that, there was a roadblock in paul's case that didn't exist in ms. griner's case, and it allowed her to come home and left him behind. >> laura: well, a russian roadblock is kind of hard to define on national television

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Saving the Kids from County Lines

or rescuing them from trap houses — houses that have been taken over by the drug dealers. today, chris is checking in with one of his lads. he's had his challenges, hasn't he? yeah, more than most. more than anybody, to be fair. 35 care placements in a 12—year period. he's had about 17 social workers. young lad who wants to be loved and wants to be part of something. in this work, rejection comes as part of the job. young people groomed into gang life don't always want to hear the message that chris has to give. he's basically been sold a dream. we're the bad guys for a second because we're the ones that are going to have to tell them that, actually, this dream is not a dream. the reality is that you're probably going to be selling drugs or doing something along those lines for somebody who doesn't care about you. literally doesn't care

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this. essentially, what they're saying is, no one was in charge, no one will take responsibility for actually fulfilling the subpoena. therefore, the court is going to have to figure out what to do. judge howell is going to figure out what kind of sanctions might actually produce it. let's keep in mind, it's not just about punishing someone, they actually want and need to get the nation's secrets together to figure out what has happened to ameliorate any damage that has been done. that's the point of the subpoena. they're getting zero cooperation and this odd kind of, i wasn't in charge, no one's in charge, nobody knows. >> here's the thing, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. and so, the reality is, it would be shameful to say, well, it was peter, it was paul, it was merry, it was jane it was whoever it was. there's this sort of divide, and what am i talking about? you have people who don't comply, who are normal citizens with the court, and all of a

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what's behind the rise of unions? and will it change if a looming recession becomes the reality? we'll talk about it, next. when you really need to sleep. you reach for the really good stuff. zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. its nohabit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil.

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The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle

wnba. what can you tell us about the organizing effort within the w nba to keep britney stories in the house -- headlines, bring her home. >> definitely, it was efforts made by day one. there was a hashtag, there was we are bg dot org, that gives you all the information. there was t-shirts, there was campaigns on instagram, twitter, facebook, all different social media platforms. so the main goal for us was to make sure that britney's name was not lost. when everyone still knew about her and knew that her case still mattered. people aren't gonna forget about her. >> we are living in the reality of watching her on that plane. of knowing that she is headed home, and believe she will land overnight. but that comes in the shadow of ten months of life without her. of britney detained in russia. what has that been like for you for the team? >> it has definitely been tough to navigate. obviously, no one wants to be in this position.

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how do you say they were essential to this country into this economy, and you don't even give us paid sick leave? that is the reality, i think, for many industries. in the pandemic, we saw people were called essential workers, but they weren't being treated like they were essential. they were getting the benefits, they weren't getting the wages. so, workers are realizing their power. there was a time when unions were very strong in this country. you know, for different reasons. outsourcing, union busting, that changed. but workers are reclaiming their time, so to speak, reclaiming their power and saying, you need us. when you flex that power, people have to respond. >> it's interesting, s.e. cupp, because the opinion of unit has got up in the past decades. when we look there was at its lowest point in 2009, only 48% approved of labor unions, today it's at 71%. what's that about? >> well, i will also just say, however, union membership is down. it's been declining for decades. i think the pandemic was a reckoning for anyone who worked.

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