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Mare of Easttown - Miss Lady Hawk Herself

New HBO show means I (almost) automatically will check it out, and the
Mare of Easttown premiere did not disappoint! The premisce isn't particularly original, but it's well acted (how could it not be, with Kate Winslet as the lead, and a cast that also happens to include Julianne Nicholson, Evan Peters, and Pam from
The Office's own ex-boyfriend: David Denman), well written, and the plot is intriguing enough that you'll want more by the time the episode closes. Prestige drama indeed, and while I wait for
Succession to (finally) come back, I'll happily watch this kind of series. In fact, after watching it I kept having to remind myself that I'd have to wait a week before seeing more, instead of watching an episode daily as I usually do with season releases, and it left me wanting.

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