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John Krasinski Cast As Superman With Dwayne Johnson Playing His Sidekick Dog

Krasinski joins the cast of "DC League of Super-Pets" alongside Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Vanessa Bayer, Diego Luna and Keanu Reeves.

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New Game From Gotham Knights Developer Leaked Amid Superman and Justice League Rumors

WB Games Montreal is apparently working on a separate, new game in addition to Gotham Knights, which is currently scheduled to release next year. Unfortunately, we don't know what this mystery game is. That said, over the past year or so, there have been rumors that WB Games Montreal had two games [...]

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DC Comics Illustrators Seek Police Protection After Bisexual Superman Sparks Angry Threats

The new Superman was revealed as bisexual last month after he was shown kissing his friend and reporter Jay Nakamura in DC's recent installment.

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DC Comics colorist quitting over bisexual Superman

Gabe Eltaeb says the change is "f*cking nonsense."

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'Eternals' Officially Makes Superman Part of the MCU

“That’s Superman! With a cape!”

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DC's Latest Superman Film Anti-India, Say Netizens: Check Reactions

DC released a new animated film, Injustice that was liked by fans but also has sparked outrage because it reportedly referred to Kashmir as "disputed." The film is based on a computer game of the same name, which also produced comic books. The movie’s storyline goes something like this. Superman falls into Joker’s trap and is tricked by him. Clark ends up killing his own

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'Superman' Colorist Quits Over DC Comic's 'Wokeness' – PJ Media

Unless you're into comic books, you've probably never heard of Gabe Eltaeb. He's a colorist for DC Comics.

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Superman's First Manga Lands In Japan

North American comic book characters are finding their way into the medium of manga a lot these past few years, with the likes of Deadpool, Batman, and The Joker getting their own series in the East, and DC Comics' Man of Steel is joining their ranks with a new manga series that has arrived in [...]

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Superman Colorist Quits After the Superhero's Bisexual Reveal

Gabe Eltaeb says he is not renewing his contract with DC Comics because he is 'tired' of the comic's embrace of wokeness, insinuating there's no place for a conservative like him in the company.

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Fact or Fiction: Superman in the comics is now gay?

You may have heard recently that DC has made Superman gay.

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Animation of Superman, Wonder Woman 'in Kashmir' draws angry reactions online

A video is doing the rounds online, appearing to show Superman and Wonder Woman 'solving' the Kashmir 'dispute'. It's not clear whether the animated clip is officially produced by DC, the comics home of Superman, whose official YouTube channel does not host the video. But the mention of Kashmir as 'disputed' has riled many social media users in India.

Jammu and Kashmir is an inseparable part of India.

The clip purportedly shows Superman and Wonder Woman, two of the most powerful heroes from the DC Comic Universe, destroying military equipment in 'disputed Kashmir'.

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'Superman' Artist Quits DC Comics, Says They're 'Ruining' Characters

Gabe Eltaeb, an artist with the comic book company, has railed against changes made to "Superman."

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Superman colourist quits DC Comics after superhero's bisexual revelation

DC Comics recently announced that Superman's new slogan no longer states that the hero is fighting for "truth, justice, and the American way" but now stands for "truth, justice and a better tomorrow".

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Superman and Wonder Woman are in Kashmir. Netizens are not happy

In an animated video that has been doing the rounds, superheroes Superman and Wonder Woman can be seen ‘solving’ the Kashmir ‘dispute’. Netizens are not happy and the video has drawn flak online.

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DC Comics Reports They Are Getting Unprecedented Orders For Comic Where Superman Comes Out As Bisexual

DC Comics shook up the comic book industry when it announced that Jon Kent, son of Superman and the DC Universe's new Man of Steel, was coming out as bisexual in November's Superman: Son of Kal-El #5. With the excitement building until the release of the landmark issue and demand at an all-time [...]

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CNN's Stelter Celebrates Superman Dropping 'American Way' Motto -- 'This Is a Global Franchise'

CNN media reporter and "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter said Tuesday on "New Day " that Superman was dropping "The American Way" motto because Superman is a global franchise looking to the future. | Clips

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