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Signs you have zinc deficiency and how to fix it

Here are some common warning signs of zinc deficiency you should not dismiss.

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Five new monkeypox cases detected

PUTRAJAYA: Five new cases of monkeypox (mpox), involving local men, have been detected in Malaysia, from Oct 31 to Nov 29, bringing the cumulative number of cases to nine.

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PCOS and Anxiety: 5 Ways to Manage Stress When Dealing With This Hormonal Condition

PCOS is a health condition that is not easy to live with. Here is how women may manage stress and anxiety and try to keep cortisol levels in checks. - PCOS and Anxiety: 5 Ways to Manage Stress When Dealing With This Hormonal Condition

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How viral infections might trigger Alzheimer's and how to reduce your risk

For decades, the predominant focus of almost all Alzheimer’s research has been on two protein fragments, beta-amyloid and tau, which are found to accumulate...

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WHEN it comes to the discussion on health, Malaysians are quite familiar with the topic of diabetes, particularly type 2 (T2DM), seeing as it is the most common of the two types.

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Amanda Gillies on facing perimenopause before 40

Back in 2016, when Amanda Gillies was not yet 40, she was hit by a barrage of mystery symptoms . Night sweats, brain fog and a sense that something just...

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5 symptoms of sleep arena

Your ability to breathe while you sleep is compromised by a disorder called sleep apnea. Restful, healthful sleep is hindered by your brain's attempt to protect you by keeping you awake long enough to breathe.

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5 Signs of severe dehydration

In an ideal world, everyone would remember to hydrate themselves with the recommended amount of water each day. To be honest, though, most people don't put drink water on their lists of things to do.

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