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Sustainable NZ Charitable Trust in Opua

Beechey Street


Northland,New-zealand - 0200

Detailed description is Sustainable NZ Charitable Trust – utilising technology to create a healthier, more affordable future for all New Zealanders.
Sustainable NZ Charitable Trust is a community project run by like minded New Zealanders with good intentions.
At Sustainable NZ, we are all about community.
We believe the most effective means of creating a better tomorrow, is to involve those who will benefit the most from it.
Our goal is to create a community owned, funded and operated project that focuses on reducing the cost of basic living necessities for all New Zealanders.
Renewable energy, aquaponic farming, micro housing and electric vehicles are just some of the constituents that Sustainable NZ are focused on.
We envisage these wonderful technologies as the new New Zealand way of life.
As a trust that incorporates not only the people, but also the resources and technology around us, we will create a more sustainable and satisfying environment to live.
We know that there are better ways of doing things, and by working together and harnessing our individual skills, we believe New Zealand can stand proud as one of the worlds most forward thinking nations.
Imagine solar roadways capable of charging both private and public transport vehicles on the fly, aquaponic farms producing low cost, healthy food, and low cost luxury housing units providing self sufficient, environmentally friendly living..
We are very excited about the Sustainable NZ project.
We strongly believe in its values, and the vision of moving our great country forward to a cleaner, more viable future.
Sustainable NZ.
It’s all in the name.
We look forward to New Zealanders from all walks of life joining us on this journey and contributing to a project that will benefit us all.

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