Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 20201009:05:16:00

in your advice to people living pressing, not least the potential number ofjob across nottinghamshire, but you want to see more? it is not really good pressing, not least the potential number of job losses as pressing, not least the potential number ofjob losses as a result of tightened restrictions on new enough, we knew about these high restrictions that might be numbers at the beginning of the week introduced. in scotland but also and yet we have to wait until the middle of next week, it seems, for england and wales, let me introduce any government announced you to kate nichols, the chief restrictions are nothing. we have not waited for the government, and executive of uk hospitality. the myself and the leader the county scale of thejob council along with district council executive of uk hospitality. the scale of the job losses in the warning from the industry about what leaders have agreed to put out this could happen next is pretty stark. give me an assessment of where we message, but it does not have the are. since we reopened in july, with power that a government restriction would have so it leads nothing and lost 160,000 jobs across the hanging, that is not enough for the hospitality set. our big theories people i represent. you are worried about what happens next, with five about this weekend, because you cannot legally and for your advice, of our premise is still closed and that people might party for one last 900,000 workers still on furlough. time? —— cannot legally enforceable. the blog i would plead to the people without additional government support, we are looking at half a of nottingham, please do not do millionjob losses over support, we are looking at half a million job losses over the next few that, the virus is very much alive weeks if we have these restrictions and new national restrictions in our city, please do not treat announced. with those new this as a weekend to go out and put

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