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2 Recipes I Tried This Week | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Apr 12, 2021
I made both of these recipes this week, and they were very good, so I wanted to share!
First is a New York Times Recipe. I've made their strawberry shortcake recipe before, and it's great! This one is turmeric black pepper chick. Click here for the recipe. (Sometimes their website says you need a subscription. If it does that, google it, and there are other sites that have it.)
Also this is SO perfect for spring and summer. It makes a lot btw! Click here for a layered panzanella recipe. (Side note: I didn't mix the croutons in. I kept them separate so they wouldn't be soggy on day 2. I popped them in the air fryer for a minute.)

Help the Dave Ryan Show's "Adopt a Highway" Clean Up! | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Apr 12, 2021
For the last few years, the Dave Ryan Show has sponsored a piece of Highway 7 and we would love your help cleaning it on Wednesday, April 28th at 11a.m. We plan on meeting in the Knollwood Mall parking lot near Caribou Coffee (the back of the lot closer to HWY 7) at 10:45am and cleaning from 11am until approximately 12:30.
Things to Know
We will provide a safety vest and garbage bags
We ask you to bring heavy work gloves, light-colored clothing and heavy leather shoes or work boots with good ankle support.
After signing up, we will contact you with additional information. Sign up Here:

Gov. Walz, "It doesn't have to be this way" following another MN incident

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Gov. Walz, "It doesn't have to be this way" following another MN incident

Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 4/9-4/11 | 101.3 KDWB

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Want to know more about Falen? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 101.3 KDWB!

TikToker makes old-time recipes (SHOCKER: A lot of them are bad) | 101.3 KDWB

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By E. White
Apr 6, 2021
I've been going down so many rabbit holes on Tik Tok, but I was pleasantly surprised with this.
B. Dylan Hollis is a Bermudian creator living in Wyoming, and he makes vintage recipes for fun.
As you can imagine, some of them are HEINOUS.
But sometimes, he finds a good one!

Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 4/2-4/4 | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Apr 4, 2021
Let me start by saying Happy Easter! I may have actually gotten some sun?! If I can get these legs just a shade darker than Casper this year, I'll call it a win! Let's kick things off with Friday. Jake and I had the earliest date night. We tried the new restaurant StepChld, and it was good. We got the burger and brussels sprouts which were SO good! Then we were home by 6p! Wow! Crazy. We enjoyed the nice weather outside, and I forced myself on Jake's lap. I did it for a picture and to be funny. I never sit on his or anyone's lap!

WOW! Such a Fun Idea to Spice Up Date Night! | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Apr 5, 2021
I wanted to share this amazing email! On the Minnesota Goodbye (after-the-show podcast we do), I was asking for date night tips. This one is so fun, so I wanted to share!
I love the show and the podcast!
Last Thursday Falen asked for date night ideas. My husband and I have been married for 10+ years and we needed to do something different because we were stuck in the same pattern for each date night we went on.
I had read in a book that the Characters did an A to Z Date Nights. It sounded great so my husband and I gave it a go! It was fun and pushed us to get out of our rut and do new things again.

What Are the Signs That Made You Realize You Were Middle Aged? | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Apr 5, 2021
It's hard to say exactly when you become "middle aged" . . . and maybe it's more of a FEELING than a specific age.
Do you have a moment that made you realize?
A new survey found the average person doesn't believe they're middle aged until they hit 47. But the survey also asked people to name the SIGNS that they're becoming middle aged . . . and those start happening a lot earlier than 47.
Here are some of the most common answers . . .
Feeling stiff . . . groaning when you bend down . . . picking comfort over style with your clothes . . . thinking police officers, teachers, and doctors look really young . . . hating loud bars . . . needing an afternoon nap . . .

Seven of the Most Common Resumé Mistakes | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Apr 5, 2021
The average person will revise their resumé 34 times in their life. So you'd think we'd be good at it by now. But it turns out, we still make a lot of avoidable errors. Here are some of the most common mistakes according to a recent poll . . .
1. Writing too much. It hurts your chances of landing a job if your resumé is too wordy.
2. Not writing enough. On the flipside, be careful not to make it too lean.
3. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Which is why it's important to have someone else proofread it. Don't just rely on spellcheck.

Dave's Colorado Vacation: Meeting My Long-Lost Niece For the First Time! | 101.3 KDWB

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By dave ryan
Apr 4, 2021
I had a week off and no place to go really, so I went to our house out in Colorado. It's such a great place to visit and we still have the house I grew up in so I have a free place to stay.
Here come twelve pictures from my vacation...Thanks for looking!
There's so much great hiking in Colorado. I use an app called "All Trails" that finds trails close to you, grades them by difficulty, length and terrain. It's a paid app but if you like hiking, it's totally worth it. This is at the foot of Pikes Peak. The mountains across the valley are bare because a fire burnt the trees off about 10 years ago.

And Now . . . Dramatic Readings of TV Theme Songs | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Mar 31, 2021
An actor and comedian named David Ury does dramatic readings of TV theme songs on YouTube, and they're awesome. 
He makes the

7 Things You Shouldn't Do When Getting Your Vaccine | 101.3 KDWB

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By falen
Mar 31, 2021
Vaccines are opening up to more people. So here are seven things you SHOULDN'T do when you get your vaccine . . .
1. Don't take over-the-counter medications like Advil or Tylenol right before your shot. There's a slim chance it could interfere with the immune response doctors want to see. But taking them afterward to help with symptoms is okay.
2. Don't worry about drinking alcohol. Yes, too much can weaken your immune system in general. But there's no evidence that it affects the vaccine or how well it works.
3. Don't get a tattoo or piercing right after your shot. There's a slight chance it could trigger an immune response on top of the one you're getting from the vaccine.

Check Out What's Coming to Netflix in April! | 101.3 KDWB

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You NEED to check out some of these trailers!! WOAH!

Here's How You Can Get A Free Donut At Dunkin' Every Wednesday

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Dunkin' is giving away free donuts every Wednesday for the next month.

Here Are The Best Harmless April Fools' Pranks to Pull This Year | 101.3 KDWB

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Mar 31, 2021
It comes around every year and you either hate it or love it - April Fools Day.
If you're looking for a fun, but harmless prank to pull on your friends or loved ones this Thursday, here are some ideas!
BestLife has collected 48 brilliant, harmless April Fools' pranks that won't end in tears or make anyone want to cut you out of their life.
1 - The Car-Monica
"Buy a harmonica and then duct tape it under the front bumper of your victim’s car. They won’t hear anything at first, but they’ll eventually notice an unmistakable wheezing sound coming from (what they believe is) their car’s engine. How long can they ignore it before looking under the hood and trying to figure out what the heck is going on? If they end up taking their car to a mechanic, you may have to split the bill for harmonica removal. But it’ll be worth it for the shared laugh."

Did Wendy Williams Burp & Fart at the Same Time? | 101.3 KDWB

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Wendy Williams
 was in the middle of a "Kim and Kanye rant" yesterday when she let out a burp-fart combo. There's no doubt about the burp, but she may deny letting one rip. Either way, she immediately apologized.

Signs You're Dehydrated | 101.3 KDWB | The Dave Ryan Show

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Mar 17, 2021
The next time you have a headache, you might not need Advil. Or, go ahead and take it . . . but chase it with a FULL glass of water.
A new poll looked at what we normally do to deal with symptoms that might just be signs you're dehydrated. Here are six of them, and what we normally do . . .
1. Headaches. 43% said they usually just take a painkiller. Only 1 in 6 drink water.
2. Feeling dizzy. 45% lie down . . . 20% close their eyes . . . and water is third at 18%.
3. Constantly feeling tired. Lying down and napping are the most common ways we deal with it. Only 15% hydrate.

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