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101.7°. exceptional heat experience there across the u.k. already a cooldown happening, in london, as much as 27 degrees, france is down, and amsterdam and brussels bringing the weather patterns back. meanwhile the east coast, we have heat advisories for millions of americans, in fact look across the country, 100 million of us under heat alert. right now the tristate down into parts of the delmarva, upstate new york, boston, philadelphia, all looking for big numbers. this is also an issue, not just with record-setting heat but day after day of 90° readings. we are going for 93 in washington, d.c. richmond 94, numbers go up tomorrow. hotter in new york at 95. we are adding to this heat humidity.

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record is 101.7 degrees only set back in 2019. that could fall as early as tomorrow. but train operators are telling people to stay home. schools may close. and hospitals are fearing a surge of patients because this heat can kill. errol? >> ramy, thank you for that report. tn two years since the start of the pandemic, covid remains a public health threat. over the past 14 days, covid cases in the u.s. are up 15%. surge isching ma od. up 20%.bsb he ocron for of new infections nationwide didn't even exist last year, concerning many. do you know a lot of other people who are catching covid? >> oh, definitely. my school recently they dropped the mask mandate and everybody started getting it. >> reporter: ba.5 is spreading

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temperatures, 107 in bordeaux, 107 in madrid. the heat moves toward the north. highest temperature ever in england was 101.7. forecast in london, 103, tuesday, potentially 105. might break in downtown london the highest temperature all of england haas ever seen. 102 in paris. you get the idea the heat is there we have heat across much of the u.s., heat breaking all kinds of records. look what happens tomorrow, rapid city, 105. north flat, 106. there is a lot of heat in july. we're dealing with it in so many places. carley? carley: thank you. we head out to fox square for a aqua swim lesson for safety tips to the best back stroke. we dive in after the break. ♪.

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