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and to pull their qualified immunity to see and their families could be sued or i've been fighting an effort to take away what's called the 1033 program, which actually gives things like body armor, night vision, swat-type armored vehicles. the left wants to not only stop that program but reach into sheriffs departments and take it back and destroy it. let's set the rhetoric aside. these are actual legislative actions that the left is taking to pull the rug out from under our law enforcement and that's what he needs to be addressing. that's what republicans are fighting against in the house. >> dana: one of the things the president emphasized, he says i don't want to defund the police and i don't want to defund the f.b.i. there is no doubt the democrats will try to say that every republican wants to defund the f.b.i. do you want to defund the f.b.i.? >> absolutely not. i fully support the f.b.i. that

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the parameters are as we look at it weatherwise. the first hour is better and the optimism is a 80% chance of go. 20% chance of seeing issues as far as cumulus cloud cover, lightning and the potential for precipitation. then the second hour, the 933 to 1033 hour becomes more problematic. visibility is expected to be about seven miles or so. let's talk about the flooding in mississippi. we got a update and it looks like the crest will be just below the major stage. this is where we have it at 35 1/2 feet and that keeps it just below the major stage. this is cold comfort for people that have been inundated with 12 inches of rainfall that has occurred already this month but the pearl river is notorious

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will be a target. but the focus of his forces, the main axes in this war, continues to be the areas where he is making some progress, slow, not as much as he expected. 0n the eastern edge next to russia, along the south as i mentioned and of course cities like this continue to be attacked, but they don't seem to be the main priority for now, although they could be in the long run the biggest prize. the number of civilian dead rises steadily by the day. the united nations as it hundred and 16 civilians have been killed in 1033 have been wounded. in ukraine every part of life has been disrupted and change from everyone from newborns to pensioners. jeremy bowen's been seeing it for himself. behind their statistics of damage and destruction are addresses like this one in kyiv.

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Investigating the Insurrection-20210727-15:27:15

Live coverage of the House select committee hearing on the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

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The Faulkner Focus-20210727-15:27:15

Emmy-winning journalist Harris Faulkner provides the latest news with insightful analysis and interviews with top newsmakers.

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President Obama Rolls Back Some Police Militarization... Police Flip Out

We've had a bunch of stories lately about the increase in militarized police and what a ridiculous and dangerous idea it is. As...

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Administration's Review Of Pentagon's 1033 Program Finds It Has No Rules, No Transparency And No Oversight

No sooner had I chastised the executive branch for its half-assery in all things 1033-related than it delivers its findings on the...

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you had the police misconduct database that would have police officers placed in that database if they were found guilty of misconduct so that they could not be hired in other police departments. you had the -- not ending, but modifying the 1033 program whereby police departments get military equipment. but here's the thing that boggles my mind also and that's this conversation surrounding defunding police departments that i heard senator tim scott mention the other day when the talks fell apart. police departments have been getting defunded since the beginning of formal police departments. whenever you have a budget that you have to agree to in a county or state, police department might not get the money that they got the year before. that's called defunding. but here's something to really point out. the banning of chokeholds, no-knock warrants, collecting use of force data, funding

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