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forgiveness is supposed to be based. >> there'll be people who see that there is no verification and loan application and say they are when they are not from an income perspective. >> the government expects at least 40 million more between now and december 31st. that when the application was close. >> we'll see you a bit early on. the fox news at night common sense department got us thinking about the student loan forgiveness program. now when you apply for the loan to be paid off, the website doesn't ask if you qualify for the program. common sense is weird because it's not as if the administration doesn't trust us. why else would they hire 85,000 irs agents, not to help us fill out our 1040s.

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that's brought this story to our attention. we have 73% of the western u.s. in drought conditions. 19% classified as extremor worse. now this week has seen some improvement over the four corners or nevada. if you go back to the summer, it was bone dry. we had exceptional drought conditions in and around lake meade. you can see the difference in water levels. satellite imagery from 2000, 2001 and '22. the extreme use from the colorado river. the lack of rainfall that shows just the amount of water that was depleted from lake meade in the past decades and unfortunately it resulted in a -- the lowest ever recorded reading here in lake meade at just 27% of its capacity at 1040 feet. there has been some improvement recently. we've had beneficial rains but that's only brought the water

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the reservoir for the hoover dam has fallen from its peak. >> this is a flushing reservoir, so we are used to seeing it fold. 1000, two, hundred 26 feet above sea level. we have seen low levels, this is a lot we have. seen but we've seen it all. so we are used to this going up, we are used to this thing going down. for that need to fluctuate. it fluctuates a little bit more than it has in the past. obviously, we are record lows. but we've seen about everything. >> so, the lake right now is, as you, said about 1040 feet or. so i wonder level is 1200 feet, remember that, figure 1040 feet. if we go down to about 950 feet, that is where experts say we would have a serious problem. >> the continuation of the drought has led to a situation, now, where the lake levels have dropped very close to it would

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and give them a chance to vote on that, but you know what they are doing is all these businesses like your restaurants you go to, the cafe you go to, the dry cleaners you go to, the florist, their gross is probably around that amount every year but they file on their 1040. they're a pass-through entity, every single one of them, their taxes will go through the roof. what does that mean for you? you go to the cafe for breakfast it costs you more. you go over to the florist, it costs you more. >> senator, if those businesses survive, these are the small businesses that manage to survive out of covid after decisions by the government which destroyed so many lives so many businesses, made it impossible to stay afloat, they're now going to target those businesses, $80 billion, six times more than the annual,

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parcels. so, instead of convening a tory talking shop at cabinet, the prime minister should be acting to help those children and help families through the cost of living emergency. if he is genuinely looking for ideas to tackle this story made crisis, he would be wiser to look beyond his cabinet colleagues who of course know that he would not be there for much longer. so, as a parting gift is an idea for the prime minister. the scottish government has introduced and now doubled the game changing scottish child payment of at least £1040 a year, helping those families being hardest hit. is the prime minister prepared to match this payment across the uk to help families through this emergency? mr speaker, what we are doing to help families, of course, it's important to do everything we can to help

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reporters yesterday after his remarks on the administration's covid response. watch this? >> vaccinated americans are wondering why they have to restrict their activities and health officials say most americans will get covid at some point? >> president biden: we'll talk about that later. come on. >> martha: he said he would look forward to that too. this comes from the associated press says the president held fewer first year press conferences than the five previous presidents. they've asked jen psaki about this for months and some of these responses to that. >> he takes questions multiple times a week. hopefully we'll be able to add local interviews in the next couple of weeks. president is taking your question. this president has done 1040, 150 by now short q and as where

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was in the previous seven days. and encouragingly, admissions to hospital all people with covid although still too high, is now actually falling. in the week to the 7th of january, 1040 were admitted. in the week of the 14, that was downing to 960. the number of people nicu, which this time last week was rising, has now fallen slightly over the past seven days, from six to five to 59. all of this is very positive news and it comes as a relief to all of us, i am sure. we do need to recognise there are still some uncertainties ahead and so throwing all caution to the wind at this stage would be a mistake. for exam the full impact of the return to work and school after the festive break won't be be apparent yet in the data, so it is possible that we will see case numbers rise again in next couple of weeks. also just as

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surface where the volcano is more than a mile tall, a volcano that is more than 12 miles wide. so an impressive one anyway you look at it. based on historical data, this particular volcano erupts to this magnitude once every thousand years. so the event in itself, as impressive as it gets. you look at deposits of previous explosive events across this particular region, they often show small eruptions follow suit for a period of weeks, sometimes a period of years. so this could continue for many weeks or longer period to come. but typically eruptions of this magnitude also release major magma. that reduces the overall tension, the overall stress for these large-scaly erup-- large-e eruptions for days to come. an impressive eruption, particularly this volcano, dates back to 1040 a.d. temperatures across the planet cooled on the order of 1 degree

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opportunities for jobs and businesses opportunities forjobs and businesses here at home and part of the levelling up agenda.— the levelling up agenda. deputy leader of the _ the levelling up agenda. deputy leader of the snp. _ the levelling up agenda. deputy leader of the snp. thank - the levelling up agenda. deputy leader of the snp. thank you, i the levelling up agenda. deputy i leader of the snp. thank you, mr seaker. leader of the snp. thank you, mr speaker. across _ leader of the snp. thank you, mr speaker. across scotland - leader of the snp. thank you, mr speaker. across scotland and - leader of the snp. thank you, mr speaker. across scotland and the j leader of the snp. thank you, mr - speaker. across scotland and the uk, millions of families are seeing their incomes slashed by this tory government, with a toxic combination of tory cuts, tax rises and the growing cost of brexit. the prime minister promised he would make energy bills more than £60 per household cheaper after brexit. instead, they could skyrocket by £550 at the worst possible time. the uk government is slashing universal credit by £1040. furlough is ending prematurely and a tory tax hike will leave the majority of families hundreds of pounds worse off next year. this is a tory cost of living crisis and yet again, lower and middle—income families will suffer most. will the deputy prime minister agree with me, it is time to scrap tory cuts to universal credit and to introduce an emergency energy

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well. steve: same night again back at the loudoun county school board meeting. there was a 14-year-old student by the name of jolene grover. she was there to talk about a policy that would allow biologically born boys in to gerbils' bathroom. it's all part of the dialogue they were having out there. and jolene made it very clear that was not a good idea. watch. >> everyone know what a boy is. even you. policies are dangerous and rooted in sexism. when little kids ask me if i was a lesbian or transboy because i cut my hair short? to identify tell you these modern identities are superficial. you want to give them access to girls locker rooms and force girls to call those boys she. you do this in the name of inclusivity while ignoring the girls who will pay the price. your policies choice boys' wants over girls' needs. brian: nice. ainsley: there was a policy in that district called 1040 policy. and they implemented this because they wanted to commit providing providing equitable,

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