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but yes, that is crazy. january jobs report out today but what can we expect? economists predicting 100,000 jobs added with unemployment rate 3.9%, but old insects, wall street, we will get a lost today. typically we have not seen since december 2020. and even predicting bad news. cnn morning recovery going into reverse. axios says get ready for a mess, a hot mess. there you go, hot mess comment. another one, hot mess. look, hotness is the prediction. gallup poll showing 33% of americans satisfied with the u.s. economy and down. the president will deliver remarks later about 1045 eastern time according to the schedule. but again we will have the report in three hours from now 8:30 a.m. eastern time. it will probably be a pretty ugly report. >> griff: a hot mess.

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America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith-20211202-18:10:00

evolving story out of the united nations headquarters in midtown manhattan. the mid-to nypd swarming the building accusing a man patient stomach pacing the entrance of the building with a shotgun. the police remain in a standoff, we are told come up with the man along first avenue. which we know? >> i'm on 42nd and second avenue. down the block behind me is where that stand-ups ongoing. it started at 1045 when a u.n. staffer alerted the u.n. safety and security detail that there was a man with a shotgun outside of the building. the nypd responded to that and since then, there has been a standoff. it appears that the main is in his mid-60s wearing a red sweater and has been pacing back and forth. he is holding a shotgun to his head and the police have been trying to talk to him. in one video, you can hear the police say, "there stomach put on the gun. there are better ways to get your message out."

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station offering four $300 million contracts. blue origin has submitted a proposal for the opportunity, but officials say they plan to move forward regardless. hitting the number yesterday, hertz is testing teslas. the deal is the largest ever of electric deals. tesla stock hit a new record high by midday rising to more than $1,045 a share. tesla joins other trillion dollar companies such as amazon, apple, and microsoft. still ahead, i'll be joined by the real white house press secretary jen psaki, not the "snl" version. i'll be right back. >> jen, i've got to tell you.

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>> benjamin: but governor greg abbott said that he will call for special senate to get it passed. this is about integrity. >> asking for i.d. when someone votes, i don't believe that his voter suppression. verifying signatures is very important as well. what the republicans here would tell you that they are trying to make sure that the person voting is the person on paper for a legitimate vote devoid of fraud. >> the democrats dramatic walkout left 14 minutes to members short, effectively killing this voting bill for the legislative section. don't act on next session. turner sparked the walkout after texting members at 1045 last

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Standoff Closes Highway 90 in Jefferson County

By Harold Mann
Apr 6, 2021
Highway 90 in Jefferson County is closed near Keith Road. The SWAT team from the Jefferson
County Sherriff’s Office is negotiating with a subject in a vehicle on the highway. Motorists that
use Highway 90 to head to Houston should take I-10. Local residents can use Old Sour Lake
Road as an alternate route.

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Work On I-10 In Orange County | 1045 KISS FM

By Harold Mann
Apr 6, 2021
Tex-Dot will close the inside lanes of I-10 east and west in Orange today to allow crews
to work on pavement markers. The work will be between FM 3247 to Simmons Drive from
8:00 to 3:00. Motorists can expect possible delays.

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Arrest Warrant Issued | 1045 KISS FM

Apr 6, 2021
Beaumont police have issued an arrest warrant on a man wanted for a Sunday night shooting.
Jonathan Garcia, also known as Jonathan Guerra, is wanted for shooting a man in the chest in
the 2600 block of Fillmore. The shooting is believed to be in retaliation from a Sunday morning
shooting in the 6000 block of South MLK. Anyone that knows the whereabouts of Garcia is
asked to call Southeast Texas Crimes Stoppers at 833-TIPS. You can also download the P3
TIPS app or online at 833TIPS.com

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Hardin County Offering Walkup Shots Again Today

By Harold Mann
Apr 6, 2021
Due to a low number of appointments being made for the COVID-19 vaccine in Lumberton today, Hardin County Health Department will be accepting walk-ins for the Moderna vaccine today only of anyone 18 years of age or older.
This will occur at the Journey Community Church, 1534 Highway 96 South, Lumberton, Texas from 1:00PM – 4:00PM. Those with appointments will be seen first, and walk-ins will be seen on a first come first served basis, with priority given to those age 65+. Only a certain number of people can be inside the clinic at a time, so if too many arrive at one time, they may have to wait outside or in their car until they can be allowed inside.

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Family Argument Leads To Shooting In Orange County

By Harold Mann
Detectives with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a weekend shooting. A man
was shot in the shoulder Saturday afternoon in the 14000 block of Highway 62 in Mauriceville.
He was transported to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont. The shooting escalated from
an earlier altercation between family members. The suspect was interviewed and released.

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Shootings In Beaumont Related | 1045 KISS FM

Apr 5, 2021
A 23-year old man is jailed charged with four counts of aggravated assault. Jose Francisco Rocha
Ortiz is accused of firing several shots into a crowd yesterday morning in a parking lot in the
6000 block of South MLK in Beaumont. Four victims were transported to the hospital for
treatment. Police believe a shooting last night in the 2600 block of Fillmore was in retaliation of
the MLK shooting. A man was shot in the chest. He was listed in stable condition. The suspects
in that shooting fled the scene.

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a military initiative in northern syria is pretty one of a kind coming from germany but certainly germany has acknowledged that it needs to do more in the area of security and defense as you know it's been under a great deal of pressure among amongst others from president donald trump saying germany needs to pay more for defense it needs to pay more into nato and i think there is a sense in that in this country particularly with the pullback of the united states from international responsibility that europe and germany need to get more directly involved that said there's still a long long way to go and you can watch that interview in full here on news on tuesday at 1045 u.t.c. that's 12 45 am yes that and also some other stories making news around the world. in northern ireland abortion and same sex marriage have become legal for the 1st

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