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i think it was an editorial mistake by the bbc, because as soon as you let a presenter or a reporter paid by the bbc wear some sort of campaigning insignia, however well intentioned, in that case, you open a whole set of precedents about people wearing charity logos or campaigning logos for a whole set of other things. so i think the editors and producers should not have allowed that. i suppose the counter is there are some issues on which there are no two sides, that this is something that someone on air should be able to express. yes, but would you have armbands for iran or cancer or a particular charity? her cause is great and i can entirely see why alex wanted to do it and i agree with her on a personal level. ijust think you can't have, i mean, you at the moment, ros, do not have an arm band supporting anything on this programme. and i think that's right. you are impartial and once you start wearing one armband you can wear any number. and it's not a great editorial idea. and finally to you, ayman, do you have a position on simply when you should fit into sport generally? do you think sport is escapism for all of us and regardless of where it's taking place, then you should stick to where the news belongs and leave the action alone

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

to, to ensure a safe environment for our family. so that is definitely put a pause on our ability to return to texas. an indefinite pause. but i will say that even though we have left, we have not left of the fight. this is our home, this is all we've ever known, this is where our community and family and our heart is. so we cannot go back immediately. but we will fight until we can. >> i definitely do want to highlight that, right? just because, at the federal level and in state level, it doesn't seem like progress has been made, on the ground, people like you and know are making a difference. i do want to underscore that. you are protecting your family, you are protecting noah at a time where just the media environment is incredibly hostile. you have people like tucker carlsen, people on tiktok, a bunch of social media accounts doubling down. what words of advice would you

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The Eighties

>> geraldo rivera takes the power of the talk show to a whole other level, trying to put people on stage who hate each other, who are going to fight -- >> in the case of the temple of set and the church of satan, we have not had any problems with criminal behavior -- >> but yet when you hear story after story after story of people committing these wretched crimes and violent crimes in the devil's name -- >> the more tension there is, the more conflict and violence there is, the more the ratings go up. and the american people love to complain about it, but they also love to watch. >> geraldo rivera is back in a controversy tonight. rivera drew sharp criticism with his recent television special on devil worship. but today he found himself in a real free-for-all. >> i get sick and tired of seeing uncle tom here, sucking up, trying to be a white man -- >> go ahead. go ahead. >> sit down. >> hey, hold it. hold it. >> sit down. >> rivera suffered a broken

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

achieved success and popularity. what does it take to be effective in government at the state level. >> look it is hard work. it is very well crafted. it is team work. making sure at the end of the day people come first, not about the government. we're not here to solve your problems, i champion that live for your die spirit, we're here to create as many doors of opportunity for you, your business orchid your kids, you choose what doe you want to go through and empower folks to make decisions for themselves and give them options, not saying we'll be top down, do it my way government. we champion our town meetings and our school boards and plans boards. >> you work across the aisle. many of our proposals get

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Political Thinking with Nick...

they agree with me?" i�*d spent a lot of time during the referendum campaign knocking on doors in sunderland, so the result didn�*t surprise me at all because time and again that sense of dissatisfaction about what was going on in the world, it went beyond our relationship with the european union. and part of it was around people feeling that they were being ignored by the government, that life was getting harder, that there was no prospect of anything changing, that, you know, thejobs that were there before, hard jobs, often jobs that left people, you know, pretty physically ill but were secure and had a decent level of pay, that they�*d gone. and there was so much more that needed to change. and obviously it came off the back of a lot of that kind of austerity agenda, particularly the post—2015. but in many ways they�*ve got worse still. you know, the pressures that people are under right now when it comes to the cost of living, all of the pressure that public services are under, gp appointments, you name it. it just feels that there�*s been a real breakdown in what people should expect from their

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Tis The Season The Holidays On Screen

kind of toughened and daring things and put together things that would be in normal circumstances, impossible. the spirit of the season demands it. ♪ >> i think all christmas movies are about redemption from perhaps your own choices or from cruel fate. >> it's the one time of year where we can be forgiven for being unabashedly sincere and sentimental. and even a movie that is aware of that and winks at that, you can engage it at some level. >> santa? >> unity, family, togetherness, generosity, these ideas don't get old. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> watch a good christmas show, and it doesn't matter when it was made. and that's what makes the best

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This Is Life With Lisa Ling

eventually bring those back up in subsequent conversations. did you want to talk to one of them? >> yeah. i would like to. what do you want to do tonight? >> well, it's friday afternoon. week is almost gone, and i am looking forward to what we're going to do tonight. >> she's a little evasive. >> yeah. >> she's not a leader. >> but, i mean, as ai improves, very soon, you will be able to have full on conversations. >> definitely. so, we're working on next level of language processing. we're really just getting started. >> everything's running smoothly. and you? >> 50 years ago, artificial intelligence was pure science fiction. >> i can help you find a place. >> but now we're interacting with it all the time. >> don't forget you have a dentist appointment.

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BBC News

policy? —— covid policy. i think the reason to secure the zero covid approach is to secure the achievements they have made in 2020. it seemed to be very successful in an automatic mentality level but weighing that issue is whether the disease left to be tend inaudible between competition between two political systems and also could potentially give china, take a u—turn, could undermine president xi's professional statute. undermine president xi's professionalstatute. i undermine president xi's professional statute. i think theissue professional statute. i think the issue has become politicised and makes it difficult for china to reverse the strategy. difficult for china to reverse the strategy-— difficult for china to reverse the strategy. you mentioned vaccines and _ the strategy. you mentioned vaccines and there _ the strategy. you mentioned vaccines and there seems i the strategy. you mentioned vaccines and there seems to | the strategy. you mentioned i vaccines and there seems to be

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that he says that very clearly. and that that is wrong. and that it is more than badge -- this is who donald trump, is he was president, we saw his policies, we know what he said during his campaign. and the country, i think, is really beginning to understand this deeper level. but again, democrats have to move on and i think what is gonna happen is more people are gonna dissociate them selves from donald trump in terms of supporting him for president. and i think that the country is coming to really understand that even those who supported him the first time around are beginning to understand that this is a dangerous man and he is filled with hate. >> we will see about that, the republican drama doesn't stop at trump. in your chamber, gop leader kevin mccarthy is currently fighting for his political life for the speakership i should say in the house. he is trying to secure enough votes to become speaker. one do you think he will

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This Is Life With Lisa Ling

amazon, tiktok, and zoom, of course, but there's one you may not have heard of. it's based just a stone's throw away from the las vegas strip. >> so, how's business? >> so, business has been pretty good. throughout the pandemic, people learned a lot more on a personal level what loneliness feels like. >> this is matt mcmullin, the creator and ceo of real doll. they manufacture the most life-like sex dolls on the market. >> so, right in here is our gigantic area that we use for manufacturing anything in and everything that we do. >> i feel like i've stepped onto the set of "west world." there are body parts everywhere.

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