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WATCH: Are These People Siblings or Dating? TikTok Challenge! | 105-3 The Fox

TikTok user Mandie Kaii quizzed her wife. Check it out.
Yeah, I would have gotten most of those wrong, too. You can try it yourself on the Siblings or Dating Instagram.

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Rock Stars And Their Pets #NationalPetDay | 105-3 The Fox

By Klinger
Apr 12, 2021
Sunday was #NationalPetDay and social media had no shortage of those posting our pics! Check out this video from last year of rock stars and their pets that includes Hayden from Crown The Empire, Dustin from Starset, the band Trivium along with Emma from Sick Puppies.
I've also included pics of the rock star pets in our family, Maya Brown, Hurley and our cat Walker (The Walking Dead). All rescues and all awesome! We do call Walker "Mob Boss" from time to time as he runs the house and is the gate keeper to food, water and anytime the dogs want to pass in the hallway.

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Remembering Layne Staley - Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2 | 105-3 The Fox

We lost both Kurt Cobain (27 yrs ago) and Layne Staley (19 yrs ago) here on April 5th. Layne provided vocals in this Class of '99 cover of Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2. He sure knew how to use his voice.

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Dairy Queen Is Bringing back Something Awesome & Other New Items. | 105-3 The Fox

By big rig
Apr 5, 2021
It's ALWAYS ice cream season, but Dairy Queen is getting its fans ready for the warmer months with new menu items!
Back by popular demand is Dairy Queen's Dreamsicle-Dipped Cone, giving you that vanilla/orange collab.
New milk shakes are also now on the menu including the Choco Hazelnut Shake, Mint Chip Shake, and Raspberry Chip Shake.
For those wanting something summery, DQ is also adding the Tropical Lemonade Twisty Misty Slush full of mango, lemon-lime, and lemonade flavors.
Or try THIS ����

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Gender Reveal Stunt Kills 2 In Plane Crash | 105-3 The Fox

No doubt expecting parents are excited to reveal the gender of their baby BUT, it's simply gone too damn far. The latest accident involved a plane that crashed into the water in Cancun, Mexico. This stunt had a plane flying over the water emitting pink smoke.

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Two Rock Legends Take A Walk | 105-3 The Fox

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and AC/DC's Brian Johnson recently went for a walk together in Wales, discussing Led Zeppelin III.

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