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BYU's Mascot Cosmo Cougar Is A BEAST! | KJ108 FM

Check this beast out, Cosmo Cougar is the official mascot of BYU and was the 2020 Mascot National Champion. Could this mascot be the strongest and most talented? Last Thursday night, BYU was tied with Utah State. Clearly they needed some extra energy going into the second half.

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The 2nd Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert Is Tomorrow Night 9/27 | KJ108 FM

The Kia Forum In LA will open for business tomorrow afternoon at 5pm with music starting at 7pmET for The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show. Danny Carey from Tool has just been added to the lineup along with Tommy Lee, Taylor Momsen, Kim Thayil along with Phil and Joe from Def Leppard!

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FIFA 23: Ted Lasso And All The Superstars From AFC Richmond On The Way! | KJ108 FM

Football is LIFE!! EA Sports announced that FIFA 23 drops September 30th and that Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond will be part of the video game! Hell yeah you can play the role of Ted himself or create your own character to manage the team. All the main characters will be available for play.

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Rob Zombie's The Munsters Streams On Netflix 9/27 | KJ108 FM

I am beyond excited to finally be able to put eyes and ears on Rob Zombie's The Munsters! 5 more days until it streams on Netflix. I am such a fan of his movies AND the way he helps build the anticipation on Instagram of the set, the cast, props, etc. I won't miss seeing it in the theater

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Car Stolen

KXO RADIO Oldies Station - News Radio from Imperial County California USA

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Friday Airplane Victims ID'd

KXO RADIO Oldies Station - News Radio from Imperial County California USA

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Bryson DeChambeau Clotheslined By Rope During LIV Chicago Tourney | KJ108 FM

Bryson DeChambeau showed up for sure in Chicago this past weekend for the LIV Golf tourney, taking 8th place and $575k. While walking the course he attempted to duck under a rope before all the drama began! Bro, it's a rope. Check out the way he sold it after getting clotheslined.

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