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they weren't a silent partner and putting $9 million or $90 million or $900 million. they were buying a $9 billion stake approximately 14%. once again, u.s. sanction to. boudin -controlled russian energy company. hunter biden and the biden family were in the middle of all of that. >> have you had any contact with hunter or jim biden correct? >> the last contact i had with the biden family was in my interview with the fbi on october 23 for the five plus hours. on my blackberry jim biden called me via what's app. i was there voluntarily, so my phone starts ringing in the middle of the interview. i looked down and i said is he really calling me write now? i show the phone to my lawyer and then i show it to the agents. the agents got up and left the room. they said you can take the call if you want.

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the dynamic island. basically, on former iphones, you had a sort of black oblong. apple has sort of turned it into a little screen to show you notifications. now, what we haven't talked about yet is the other features that are unique to this new phone. but to do that, we're going to go outside, so come with me. let me tell you a bit about the camera. there's a 48—megapixel camera on the back of the iphone 14, which apple says gives you a much greater depth of zoom when you're taking pictures of really tiny things. it's also four times more powerful than the camera on the back of apple's previous models. you've still got your selfie camera on the front, where the dynamic island is — that's 12 megapixels — and it comes with autofocus, which apple says will give you a better picture of those all—important group selfies. it performs well in low light, as well. here's a dark staircase. and this is what it

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october 14th, because the question on the table is, if you send herschel water to the united states senate, can voters trust him to do his job? right now, voters don't know what herschel walker believes. if he believes that folks should be able to get an abortion if their mistress gets pregnant, then okay. but we don't know what he's going to believe, because he's out of her telling people no exceptions, no abortions in no exceptions. >> that is such a great point. i was so struck david by the rick scott statement today. he runs the committee that is sort of in charge of the senate campaigns. he says, democrats are losing, they try to smear their opponents. herschel bakr is winning. he says this is just like this mirrors they attempted on brett kavanaugh and clarence thomas it won't work. well it looks like, no it's only in your perverse world view that this is wrongdoing of that kind. this is a totally different thing. you are the one who says, it's essentially paying for a child to be murdered. other people don't believe

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that is reassuring to have. how many iphone 14 users are actually ever going to need it? hmm, i'm not convinced. ok, time for a look at this week's tech news now, and the ceo of apple, tim cook, has told the bbc there's no good excuse for the lack of women in the tech sector. he said more needs to be done to educate young people in the skills that they need for the industry, such as coding. nasa says it could be a couple of months before it knows if an experiment to change the course of an asteroid has worked. it crashed the dart probe into the rock deliberately to see if the same technique would work to stop future objects from hitting earth. over the next two months we're going to see more information from the investigation team on what period change did we actually make, because that's our number—two goal. number one was hit the asteroid, which we have done, but now number two is really measure that period change and characterise how much ejector we actually put out.

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shot when i sat there. the phone also boasts action mode — increased video stability — and some new emergency features. engine ignites one of the features of the new phone that i'm not going to be able to show you, i hope, is crash detection. so the iphone 14 uses a number of different sensors, including the gyroscope, the microphone will pick up the sound of an engine cutting out — an engine — that's right, it won't work for cyclists, not yet, anyway — to identify if you are in a severe crash. and if you are, it will notify the emergency services. apple does seem to think that people that use its phones are often in a situation of mild peril because another feature of this phone is emergency satellite connectivity. i can't show you that either because it's only going to be available at first in north america. but basically, if your phone can't find a signal, you'll be able to point it up at the sky and find a passing satellite and send an 505 message that way. it's the sort of feature

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jackson, as on the bench. the court decided to continue our practice -- live streaming the audio of it's hearings, we're getting to hear the justices in arguments. today, we got to hear justice jackson use a favorite tool of conservatives, the judicial approach called originalism, against them. originalism is the idea we should interpret the constitution strictly by what the authors of the document at the time intended what it's public meeting was at the time. some -- countries first ever black woman justice used originalism to argue against our conservative interpretation of the constitution. cases from alabama where black people make up about 27% of the population, the state adopted a congressional map where only one of its seven districts, about 14%, as majority black. when alabama's lawyer -- be, quote, race neutral, justice jackson said this. >> understood that we look at the history and traditions of

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going to find out more about. thank you so much, james. and here's zoe kleinman, who got her hands on the latest iphone. this is the iphone 14 pro. from the back, comes in pretty colours, but ultimately, it looks like an iphone. i've been carrying it around with me for a few days now. nobody�*s batted an eyelid. it's chunky. it's got this aluminium ring here that's supposed to protect it from inevitably getting smashed. but that's not what everybody�*s talking about. the first thing is this always—on display. it's a bit weird when you first get the phone because you feel like you've forgotten to lock it or something. it's not a new idea, but it's certainly new to apple. and apple says that it uses hardly any battery life. the battery, by the way, is not bad. they say that it'll last you all day and i certainly have not been charging this more than once a day. the thing that everyone's really talking about with this device is what they're calling

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delegation that they have that goes to the united states house of representatives and applying the applicable law, you would expect there would be at least two opportunity districts, that is two districts in which african americans would have the opportunity to pick a representative of their choice. the alabama republican legislature drew the lines in such a way that they cracked the african american population and essentially put them in only one district and, therefore, they only have about 14% of the representation that they are entitled to in alabama. so the supreme court has to decide whether or not the lower court, which said that what the alabama legislature did was in violation of the voting rights act, the supreme court has to decide whether or not that lower court was, in fact, correct. >> the case was argued by alabama solicitor general. what is alabama asking the high court for? do you think they're going to get what they want? >> it's not totally clear to me what they're asking for. i suppose what they're trying to do is get the voting rights act

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the constitution, and what the framers and the founders thought about, and when i drill down to that level of analysis, it became clear to me that the framers themselves adopted the equal protection clause, the 14th amendment, the 15th amendment, in a race conscious way, that they were in fact trying to ensure that people who had been discriminate against, the friedman, during the reconstruction period were actually brought equal to everyone else in the society. >> john mina now is one of the people who argued the case the day before the supreme court -- spent the last nine years working at the -- voting rights cases and alabama. let me first start, if you could just explain. this is a voting rights act case. second two of the voting rights act. what's the claim that you folks are making about these

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in the day and when you go to sleep at night, you might be able to use it as a taxi. and this is the very start of what feels like a really important moment in the way in which we get around cities and we get around generally. whilst you've been journeying around, i know you've also taken a trip to the first apple in—the—flesh event that's happened in a few years. how was it? it was very interesting. yeah, we haven't done it for three years. the pandemic has stopped that. yeah, it was kind of fascinating. it's interesting seeing proper apple bros. people who are obsessed with apple phones. i mean, the guy in front of us seemed extremely excited. he was very happy, even though, look, these are really incremental changes. and there were some interesting things that happened, but with the iphone 14 to the iphone 13, how much is different? i think a lot of people think there's not much difference. and that's something we're

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