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scheme with a foreign national during his time as vice president. and sara murray is with us, and what document are we talking about now and what exactly are we talking about? >> this is coming as the chairman is subpoenaed for the document called an 1410-23 and he is to call fbi director krystopher wray in contempt. this is involving a alleged bribery scheme when joe biden was vice president, but congressman comer is determined

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GOCL consolidated revenue jumps 126 pc to Rs 1410 cr in Q4FY23

Uniindia: Hyderabad, May 30 (UNI) GOCL Corporation Limited, a Hinduja Group Company, on Tuesday reported an impressive performance by jumping 126 percent in consolidated revenue to Rs 1410 crore for the year ended March 31,2023 as against Rs 623 crores last year.

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The State of the Union Address Continuing Coverage

of just points on the board, this record was set in 1984, before lebron james was you born. here we are with the significant moment, kareem abdul-jabbar watching on, as it in this moment. it was done, after 1410 games in the nba. what is your reaction to this monumental moment? >> well, and sports will be like little, perhaps significant, perhaps interesting coincidences. . much has been made at the fact that these plane at the very lie high-level. not just in italy now and elite player at age 38. he scored 38 points tonight, as you pass the record, 36 given the record, he had one more basket. perhaps it will be a footnote. but the lakers, who are fighting for a playoff spot. he is much better as an

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NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt

front, just under 30% of the country is fully vaccinated, and today 1,410 new cases reported in tokyo, marking the highest day since january. molly hunter, nbc news now to the dire situation in europe. the death toll keep climbing as rescuers race to find hundreds of people still missing after historic flooding that has devastated the region. raf sanchez is in germany to night. >> reporter: tonight a grim search by air, land and this sea that was once a major highway. more than 160 now confirmed dead across western europe, but with hundreds more unaccounted for, the true toll may only be known when the water recedes. the worst damage in germany where once peaceful neighborhoods are now in muddy ruin. in ahrweiler, the medieval walls not enough to shield families from the flood. a week ago these bars and cafes were buzzing with tourists. now this picturesque river town is a disaster zone.

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FOX and Friends Sunday-20210530-12:18:00

things were coming apart, the military was blamed for everything. i mean, it was used as a scapegoat for every conceivable grievance in society. now we have people running around taking it out on the police. what we ought to be doing is be glad that we have people who are willing to serve in uniform be it military or police that make our lives safe and possible, and more credit needs to be given to these people. i had two brothers in vietnam. my younger brother was a combat veteran. his wife was part of a gold star family. i don't need anybody to tell me what sacrifice is about. if you look at the wall behind me here, you see the names of 1410 from missouri that died during the war out of the 58,000 or so on the wall in washington d.c. this should be a reminder to all

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Assistive Technology Services, Adaptive Gaming & Kebbi the Robot | News Radio 1410 AM & 100.9 FM

Here is Renee's interview with Adam Kosakowski, NEAT Assistive Technology Specialist at Oak Hill CT! He chats about Oak Hill's Assistive Technology Services, Adaptive Gaming & Kebbi the Robot!

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CT News: Senator Blumenthal Monday Update 4 5 21 | News Radio 1410 AM & 100.9 FM

Today was quite an emotional conversation. The attack on our Capitol, the need to help and support not only the Capitol Police but all law enforcement. The No Hate Act with AG William Tong and the My College Athletes Bill of Rights with Senator Cory Booker.

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