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Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks Leave Fans in Tears After Performing 'No Air' for 1st Time in 15 Years

The RnB artists perform their 2008 hit song, which earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, during his 'One of Them Ones' tour in Las Vegas.

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Prince Charles Returns to Oxygen Therapy Center He Opened in Scotland After 15 Years

The British royal first opened the center in 2005, and upon his return, he meets with the volunteers and patients who benefit from the treatment and takes a tour of the recently refurbished site.

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Dominican Containment of ASF and EPA Decision on Weed Killer Paraquat - AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST

The Dominican Republic is working to contain the outbreak of African Swine Fever, and EPA decides weed killer Paraquat okay for another 15 years.

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West Bloomfield native sentenced to 15 years for administering 6.6 million doses of opioids

West Bloomfield native sentenced to 15 years for administering 6.6 million doses of opioids
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WASHINGTON — Mashiyat Rashid, 40, of West Bloomfield, Michigan, the fromer CEO of the Tri-County Wellness Group of medical providers in Michigan and Ohio was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Accompanying the prison sentence is an order to pay over $51 million in restitution to Medicare in addition to forfeiting traceable proceeds of the health care fraud scheme to the United States (over $11.5 million, commercial real estate, residential real estate, and a Detroit Pistons season ticket membership.
Rashid pleaded guilty in 2018 to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud, and one count of money laundering. Twenty-one other defendants, including 12 physicians, have also been, including four physicians who were convicted after a one-month trial in 2020.

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Delhi witnesses warmest February in 15 years as temperature nears 34 degrees

Delhi witnesses warmest February in 15 years as temperature nears 34 degrees - While February is hotter than in previous years, Delhi experienced the most number of cold wave days in more than ten years in January.

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After 15 years, woman's murder remains unsolved

After 15 years, Cathy Stephens can’t believe her sister’s killer has never been caught.
Her sister, Patricia Moreton, 35, was murdered Jan. 31, 2006, at her Hazle Street apartment in Wilkes-Barre. She died from a gunshot wound to the head.
Moreton’s family and friends gathered Saturday outside the Luzerne County Courthouse for a candlelight vigil to mark the 15-year anniversary of the unsolved murder.
“It’s God awful. I’m not going to lie. I get so disgusted and you feel like giving up all hope, but I truly believe someday they will catch the person. I believe that in my heart. I just keep the faith,” Stephens said “I hope this person thinks of her every single day when they wake up.”

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