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Northland news in brief: After 39 bids, Waipū home sells for $1.615m; SH1 stretch closed this weekend

Northland news in brief: After 39 bids, Waipū home sells for $1.615m; SH1 stretch closed this weekend
15 Mar, 2021 04:00 PM
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Northern Advocate
A three-bedroom, two-bathroom Waipū property has sold for $1.615 million under the hammer after being brought forward with an agreed opening sum of $1.4m.
After three registered bidders competed to the tune of 39 bids, the eventual buyers of 111 Massey Rd were a couple who work in digital animation and can work from home.
Ray White Bream Bay salesman James Alexander, who called the auction from the front lawn of the property, said the bidding was an absolute frenzy from the get-go.

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to fight against the nazi oak patients and especially now i know it's a lot to talk about it's coming to the source of the times people could not talk about it and for the young people especially if they've never as hot as today young people research shows are getting more look at reality they are getting more carefully conservative so i can see here in the streets many many young people all right there was a live here curtis speaking earlier announcing at the top of the. what secrets lie behind these men. find him and receive experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage science. d.w. world heritage through 1615. what

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from the "new york times," forensic scientists have the names, cervantes. pub learned in two parts released in 1605 and 1615. he died a year later in 1616 and requested to be buried in a madrid convent although experts believe they have found the authors remains, they may be impossible to confirm the bone's identity. a sky west flight bound to mexico was forced back to utah because of quote paperwork issues. the airline was able to put all 57 passengers in hotels for the night and they were rescheduled this morning. this in the daily news, devonn

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> full-time time now for first buzz. you may not like this. it's quite old. it may not be too tasty because it was found on mummies. i'm not joking. >> it doesn't even look real. >> it dates back to the early 1615 b.c. it was buried atop a large sand dune, which was well preserved. they were vacuum packed. they don't know why the cheese was found on them except make it was for the after life and to give them some food. >> smelly cheese. >> needless to say, it's the world's oldest cheese. >> that's gross. >> a lot of people love the older the better. >> not that old. we go for something gross to something cute. >> during the olympics one of the nonsports stories was all

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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> time for "morning papers." >> some dudes -- are pretty pathetic. >> you know this one is something. comes from "the daily mail" and really a lesson in how not to got a second date maybe getting a restraining order. this is the story, basically, girl meets boy at the philharmonic because her friend couldn't go. they go out on one date. she doesn't like him. it is a horrific date. he sends her -- he's a banker. a 1,615 world e-mail because she wouldn't call him back. here are some things he writes. >> uh-oh. >> he said -- you said it was nice to meet you at the end of

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