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Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy

throw out the foreign powers, and build in italy run by italians. >> what year is this now? >> 1861. >> and turin then becomes its first capital? for like a minute and a half or something? >> something like that. but we still have a history. especially the feeling of people. >> turin may have lost out to rome in the long run, but during its time as the capital, italy became a modern, democratic nation for the first time in history. >> this used to be the very first italian parliament. >> and -- italy's first prime minister, had good reason for choosing this location for the center of government. >> in front of the parliament, you look at his favorite restaurant. look at the distance. >> that's no more than 30 yards. i see we have the same priorities. restaurant -- first began serving turon's elite back in 1757, and its doors have been open ever since. >> it's locked.

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The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell

other criminal defendants, are facing charges of seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, assaulting, or repeating certain officers, and other crimes. so this conspiracy alone carries a potential prison sentence of 20 years. the seditious conspiracy statute is an 1861 federal law that elmer rhodes may defense against by using an 1807 law. the wall street journal reports that elmer rhodes who hates his first name so much that he uses his middle name, may be planning to mop the defense bates on the insurrection act. the wall street journal reports quote, the defense also hinges on the insurrection act, an 1807 a law that allows a president to deploy american troops inside the country. in the days before the january 6th attack on the capitol, some of mr. trump's allies urged him

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Alex Witt Reports

are rates we haven't seen since 2008. that means that the monthly payment they will have to shell out for a medium priced home is now 1861. of 50% from where it was a year ago. this is a great illustration of why it causes a lot of pain when you try to ring inflation out of the economy. alex, as they say, typically, as the housing market goes, so goes the rest of the economy. >> i've heard that many a time. all right, scott. thanks for that. now for some good news on the economy. let's go right, with no case at all, without delay, i should say, haste to nbc richard louis. good news, we want to hear it. >> alex, as many advisers say, don't leave your money on autopilot. gas prices, for, instance are all lying that. this, week they went up four cents a three 71. silver lining, it was the first surprise that we saw in almost 100-day long downward streak. in some cities, economists say you may still see more drops.

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march of 1861, there were confederate gangs running around in the area at the front of his platform. they were threatening to plow kill him, they were threatening the president of the united states. what they did not have as what these groups now have in 2022, and that is social media. the could not conspired to together, and attack the capital is like they did on the 6th of january. if they had a conspiracy theory like tupac or jfk junior, or anything like that. it would be some guy passing out handbills on the quarter. nowadays, that same person has access to a billion people or more on the internet. it is much more dangerous than it has ever been. >> that's why efforts to combat disinformation is so important. michael beschloss -- folks, please tune into what he

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All In With Chris Hayes

country launched by a sitting president against his own government to stop the peaceful transfer of power. it's only happened once. it was the first time the peaceful transfer of power was interrupted since, of course, the great crisis of the republic in 1861. those are just the plain facts of the matter. and after that attempt failed on january six, a majority of republicans in the house of representatives, let us not lose sight of this, 147 of them voted to overturn the results of the election. they voted on behalf of the mob and the coup, and donald trump, and against the voters. they voted from a minority rule for the president to stay in power against the will of us, we, the people. and over the past two years, they have defended and facilitated the efforts of their leader as he plots quite openly another coup. according to the washington post, more than half of the republican winter so far in the

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All In With Chris Hayes

joe biden. the joe biden who is the diner visiting, handshake, selfie taking vice president, but now, as president, has come to grips, and acknowledge the burden of governing at a time when there are threats to democracy. >> really, a knowledgeable biden reported, for a long time. thank you very much, that is a readout for tonight. we are moments away from president biden's address to the nation. let me handed off to chris hayes for that. chris? >> thank you so much troy, i appreciate it. we are, as story indicated, moments away from president joe biden's primetime address to the nation, about the threats to our democracy. it is taking place, as you heard there, as they were reporting, just outside of independents all, in philadelphia, right there. of course, that building, that city, the birthplace of the american experiment, has been a fitting setting for many presidential speeches, throughout history. abraham lincoln, in 1861 gave it to john kennedy, in 1962.

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our viewers, some of them tuning in to understand exactly how the history of all this started, how did it spread across the qualities of the time? ., ~ across the qualities of the time? . ~' ,, across the qualities of the time? ., ~ i. ., across the qualities of the time? ., ~ ., ., time? thank you for having me. the british, _ time? thank you for having me. the british, decided _ time? thank you for having me. the british, decided during - time? thank you for having me. the british, decided during the l the british, decided during the early 19th century that they wanted to codify the laws of india, and they drew up what was called the indian penal code, and then imposed it on british india in about 1861. when they were doing this, they didn't have any consultation with the local people, and explicitly the author of this code said he wanted to bring the blessing of modern british civilisation to india and the qualities. and so, this indian penal code contained section 377 which criminalised sex between men. they called it carnal intercourse against the order of nature. there was another amendment later on

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

valleys and with climate change we're not going to have the snow. we're going to have rain in the mountains and valleys and not only is there going to be higher frequency an intensity but the atmospheric river is going to be much wider and longer. it happened in sacramento in 1861. this is really incredible. only 500,000 people lived in the central valley. today it's 37 million. 30 feet of water in all of central valley for weeks. it rained for 43 days, the equivalent of $1 trillion and they say the next one would be like a katrina times five so a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture. sometime in the next 40, 50 years, an atmospheric river will drop rainfall for three to four weeks and flood out that central valley which now, of course, is home to 37 million people. could be devastating. the capital back in the 186s was under 12 feet of ware. the news is not good so if you look at climate change the models make sense.

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CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell

mountains so it's going to be all rain. this happened in 1861. 500,000 people lived there at the time, now there's 37 million. 43 days of rain, 30 feet of water everywhere. the next disaster, if this happens again and floods the entire central valley, will be five times more expensive than hurricane katrina, the most expensive we ever had. these models, they are frightening. >> they certainly are. well, we have to prepare. tom seder for us, thank you. prosecutors in georgia say rudy giuliani is now a target of their investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. we have all the latest for you just ahead. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insusurance - everyda. plusus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on yoyour corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental.

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Can Allen Lazard be 'that guy' to replace Davante Adams as WR1 for Green Bay Packers?

While many around the NFL might not think the Packers have a true WR1 now after trading Davante Adams, Lazard could be set to prove otherwise.

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