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Friday letters: Holy Cross rates, graffiti, HC board endorsement, wolves, appreciations

Supporting HCE rate restructure As a longtime member/customer of Holy Cross Energy I support its proposed energy rate restructuring.  Our home and my husband’s home business has had a grid-tied PV system for over 15...

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Kim Reynolds' balanced approach with fitness centers and COVID-19 pays dividends

Kim Reynolds' balanced approach with fitness centers and COVID-19 pays dividends
Leigh Cunius, Molly Osborn, Tim Clark and Aaron Aeschliman, Iowa View contributors
COVID-19 vaccine: Experts talk misconceptions
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Like many industries, Iowa’s fitness industry has struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the spring business closures, when public officials were only beginning to understand the novel coronavirus, fitness operators saw a decline in membership as people were staying home to slow the spread.
But despite this tough situation, our industry is better positioned to survive the pandemic in Iowa than our counterparts in many states, including neighbors like Minnesota, because Gov. Kim Reynolds took a balanced approach and followed the science when it came to virus mitigation at fitness centers.

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