Live Breaking News & Updates on Aaron alexis on september the 16th

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washington navy yard is suing the government for $37.5 million. mary knight's family says red flags about the killer's mental health were ignored. >> it was picked up by the newark rhode island police and they saw that he was delusional and crazy and hearing voices. and so they faxed to the navy the report of this delusional crazy man. what did the navy do? well, they took a look at it. they just blew it off. >> knight was one of 12 people killed by aaron alexis on september the 16th. the student body president at a christian university in oregon makes a shocking admission. he's an atheist. eric brahm surprised classmates at northwest christian university by revealing to the newspaper that he does not believe in god. school officials say they wish he was a christian man, but praised brahm for his character. the 21-year-old says he enrolled

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