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anything we can do to find more cocaine or prevent this from coming into baldwin county. >> reporter: forensic test willing try to identify the purity and other identifying features of the drug. >> imagine seeing that rolling up on the beach? i was it a marathon against obama care or telethon for ted cruz's presidential hopes. i'm jack tapper. ted cruz could use a saltwater to gargle after speaking out against obama care for more 1 hours straight. did cruz accomplish anything besides increasing his profile? the national lead. for the first time we are seeing chilling looks inside as it was happening. aaron alexis stalking the hall was his shotgun in his hand. money lead. books are dinosaurs the kindle

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video shows aaron alexis stalking the hall was his sawed-off shotgun. i want to bring the the justice reporter evan perez. walk us through what we are seeing here. >> that's right. you see, the -- fbi video that was released this afternoon shows him driving into the navy yard in his suv. parks it and see him going into the building. going into the bathroom where he has this bag. he comes out with just the sawed -- off shotgun and you can see him -- seeming to walk down the hallway stalking victims. at win point you see people to be running scared for their lives. but, you know, from the picture you can see he's almost looking like he's at a s.w.a.t. team, looking for victims and fbi did not release actual video of him shooting. but you can see him going down the hallway, going down the third floor, first floor, coming back up, and the -- fbi said

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