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>> announcer: you're watching "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is thursday, september 26th. let's get straight to michaela for the latest headlines. making news, the highest level face-to-face meeting between diplomats from tehran and the u.s. happening today. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his counterpart as well as five other world powers. surveillance video showing that the washington navy yard gunman as he prepares for his rampage. you see aaron alexis walking with his gun, roaming the halls. people in the distance running for cover. when they see what is about to transpire. the fbi now says alexis was under the belief that he was being controlled by electromagnetic waves. the death toll from tuesday's earthquake in pakistan

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cuccinelli struggled. this is his chance to change this. these debates matter, we know that from the presidential level and gubernatorial levels past. this will be a big moment on statewide television. probably the single biggest event of the race to date happens tonight. >> and it will be well prepared with chuck todd in charge. >> always. >> thanks so much, chris and there will be a lot more coming up from the navy yard investigation on "news nation." remember, follow the show online and twitter at mitchell reports. tamron hall will have more on the newly released fbi surveillance video. >> we'll have as you mentioned great detail on the new video. stunning to see aaron alexis walking through the facility with his weapon in hand. we'll get more detail on that video plus the breaking news from the senate, they voted just minutes ago to move forward with a bill to keep the government

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