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we can now speak tojoanna chiu, who is a journalist and author who covers china. she joins us from vancouver. thank you so much forjoining us. what is your reaction to the scale of these protests? yeah, it's nothing i've seen before as a reporter in beijing or following china from before as a reporter in beijing orfollowing china from outside china. it is rare because generalised political dissent, including quite a few protesters calling for xi jinping to step down, is unusual because everyone in china pretty much well knows about the risk of doing so. so far, it seems like authorities have not cracked down as hard as they could have, perhaps hoping this will fizzle out in time. but i also see it as a long time coming because the west may see it as the chinese being like them, in that they

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

government to provide for the security for the people of this state. we have invested and doing so but doubling down now with the particular probably tomorrow. trey: joining us now is leader from great state of south carolina tim scott. little known fact, your mother wanted you to be preacher, i wanted you to run for governor, you ended up in senate with 60 something percent of the vote a couple weeks ago. i have forgiven you, but i'm not sure your mom has. you are a leader, what are you looking for in other leaders? what are the qualities you want to see. >> thank you, trey. i hope that everyone had a happy thanksgiving. faith in the future giving us power in the present. if we're looking for leadership we want

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

the way we run and fund campaigns and we gerrymander districts and both parties of guilty of this, increases division. now participation primaries. only 13% now participating, they don't tend to generate people who are eager to work with others. across the board we don't find members, now everyone is rushing home, people don't spend time together finds out about common space, their kids don't play on the same baseball time, they are not neighbors or roommates in the same house. there is a lot that contributes to lack of respect in the system. both edand i were raised, one a ranch family, the other military family in hawaii and montana. we were taught by families, you grant respect first. we want to start a conversation there.

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

>> it was an amazing victory, maybe we're a g good luck charm. trey: holidays are coming. also a very sad time for more than we might imagine. give us a reason for joy even durings times of sadness. >> because we get a chance to be grateful, not based on our successes but greatest solution ever. his name was jesus that loves us and has a great plan for us, i hope everyone that knows that. it is crazy, when we talk about thankfulness and gratitude. there are so many different universities that have done studies, been har they have all done studies to choosing gratefulness and gratitude, they all found it leads to greater happiness, and less stress, and less

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

i have people come up to me all the time and ask me, "does it really work?" and all i have to say is, "here i am. it works." my advice for everyone is to go with golo. it will release your fat and it will release you. media group.

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The Eighties

but everyone loves us. >> you guys have been so nice to us during our stay. >> isn't that special. >> i am hans. >> and i am franz. and we just want to pump you up. >> a lot of things they could do on "saturday night live" they couldn't do on a sitcom. the humor was more daring and more satirical, and it was political. >> you still have 50 seconds left, mr. president. >> let me just sum up. on track, stay the course, a thousand points of light, stay the course. >> governor dukakis, rebuttal? >> i can't believe i'm losing to this guy. [ phone rings ] >> i'll get it. >> it's the garry shandling show. >> people were taking the old principles of comedy and trying to turn them into something new. we spent years and years watching sitcoms and dramas and talk shows by then, we knew them by heart, that if somebody

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ABC World News Tonight With David Muir

stay silent. >> heartbreaking unfolding in new york city where a young mother is suspected of stabbing her two sons to death. >> growing concerns over airport security after one man is arrested for allegedly holding a razor to a passenger's neck, just weeks after passengers were reportedly threatened with box cutters. >> nfl star odell beckham jr. removed from an american airlines flight. police say he appeared to be in and out of consciousness. >> the dramatic rescue at sea caught on video. a cruise ship passenger overboard in the gulf of mexico for nearly 24 hours. how the coast guard pulled off this daring rescue. the incredible new images just in. a plane crashing into power lines, cutting off power to tens of thousands. and irene cara inspired a generation. tonight we remember the icon who asked us to remember her name. >> announcer: from abc news world headquarters in new york, this is "world news tonight." >> good evening, everyone.

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

>> you talk about success, it is about you. you talk about significance it is about others. so many times in our lives, we're search are for success, so many days in my life i wanted to be successful. at the end of my life i would rather be significant. because success is just about you, but significant about others, at the end of your life will you just have success or significant, everyone single one of us can go after both. all of us get to do, that then i would say, i would encourage everyone that we have a purpose, there is a reason we were created, i believe we were created on purpose for a purpose, that is w what we call it mission possible, missioned is another word for saying purpose, mission is a task or a job someone has given to d do or reason why they are here. we say possible, it means be on able, we have a task or a

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The Media Show

we looking at a situation where you may have a more decentralised social media setup where different types of people end up in different places? we see this a lot in social media. something happens that people don't like and everyone threatens to leave. it's rare that you get the footfall that you expect. and it does seem to be some kind of change going on i think within the platform, people are certainly hedging their bets, aren't they? we're seeing some emerge, there's one called hive. there's one called mastodon. i kind of think this is the way social media is going generally, actually, if you look at things like facebook has become much more community focused, you know, it's encouraging people to set up smaller, more private groups. whatsapp groups has become a much more community focused thing. i think we're seeing a shift generally from a big public digital square, if you like, that elon musk would like for twitter to be into this kind of smaller, more local, more specific community led lands. and i think i'm not sure how long he's going to be able to fight that, but it will be interesting to see what frontrunners emerge, because i think when you go to these smaller sites that

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The Eighties

>> the characters were larger than life, they were more evil and more cunning and manipulative. and more gorgeous. i mean, really, look at the way they were dressed. look at the way they lived. everything, it was fascinating. >> alexis. >> yes? >> i didn't thank you for your present. >> it's he you should slap, dear, not i. >> we all wanted to live like everyone on “dynasty,” like the carringtons. and it all just ended up being a wonderful picture of fun and debauchery. >> greed was encouraged in the '80s. there was a sense of conspicuous consumption as being okay. and those shows kind of exploited that. >> primetime families like the carringtons who live here in luxury on the “dynasty” sound stage are not the only rich folk on tv. in the last five years, more than half of all new shows have featured the wealthy.

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