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Securities market integration agreement between the regulators of the Republics of El Salvador, Panama and Nicaragua.

On October 28, 2022, an agreement was signed between the financial and securities regulators of El Salvador ("SSF"), Panama ("SMV") and Nicaragua…

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

to show restore our humanity. to validate our love in law. that is what the respect for marriage act means. it can ensure that millions of americans will wake up and know that their marriages are safe and secure. and the marriage benefit isn't just a celebration. it means that we get access to over 1000 federal benefits that protect our families, our love, and our marriages. this is important. and this is coming out a moment where our community desperately needs a win. >> what are the bills -- religious organizations have the right to decline any involvement with a marriage without losing their tax exempt status. i wonder what you think about that? >> there is still a long way to go. i think passing this law is truly important to ensure that we maintain protections for people that need it. you know, i was at planned parenthood action fund for a long time. and after the fall of dogs it became clear that we are one supreme court decision away from losing even more of our basic rights. that includes the right to marriage, the right to marriage equality. it is critically important that

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The Eighties

hour. >> in the beginning, there was talk of this being the yuppie show. and you mentioned it tonight. you said if there were a category for the most annoying show, this might win as well. >> now what some people perceive as annoying has nothing to do with yuppie. i think yuppie is a word made up by demographers and advertisers to sell soap. it doesn't have anything to do with what the show is. >> "30 something" was not a giant hit, but it was a niche hit. it attracted an enormously upscale group of advertisers. >> the network cared who was watching, not how many were watching. and that was more and more catching on in the '80s. >> the prosecution will ask you that you look to the law, and this you must do. but i ask of you that you look to your hearts as well. thank you. >> "l.a. law" was partly a classic lawyer show. but it was intertwined with their personal lives and different lawyers who were sleeping together and trying to get ahead. >> the reality level on that

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

70s, there had been a big national survey that found that 25 to 35%, about a third of all native children, had been removed from their family and tribes. this was not the first time that federal policy had systematically separated native children from their family. and so, it was kind of like a set of guardrails. when a native child enters foster care or is up for adoption, the law works to keep that child connected to their family and connected to their tribe. >> recently, obviously, it has become a major target for republicans. it has been challenged almost as many times as the affordable care act. and now it has made its way all the way to the supreme court. you have been inside the court during those oral arguments. from what you heard, from what you saw, from what you feel, and do you believe that this is a case that, at its core, is

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

message that they are going to 2023 with. especially if that means that it might include some really far right, nationalist points of view. i appreciate how you felt that question, there katie. i thank you as always, david, you are sticking with me because next the new special counsel investigating trump, how bob mueller's time at the job could sway how jack smith operates. plus, the senate -- codify same-sex marriage into law. what is next for the bill in the house. first richard louis with the other big stories that we are tracking this hour at nbc nbc. richard? >> alicia, good sunday to. you free agent -- addendum junior was escorted off an american airlines flight in miami sunday. miami police say the flight crew noticed beckham going in and out of consciousness on board that flight. the flight crew called police out of concern for his health. he was removed without incident. thousands of civilians fled the ukrainian city of kherson today, russia launching heavy artillery attacks in the area. the exodus is just weeks after

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Life Liberty Levin

went in and out with left wing soros prosecutor that kept letting him go, that is radicali radicalized and dangerous, you talk about marxist a lot this goes into critical race theory and and -- they come in and say, one of ways that undermine our criminal justice system is to take over the role of prosecutor and refuse to lock of criminals. and that danger is profound, you and i, neither one of us' to see a republican department of justice or a democrat department of the justice, we want to see a department of justice and fbi that follows the law fairly and impartially.

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

will mark native american history month by kicking off its annual tribal nations summit. representatives from tribes across the country will meet with imagination officials to discuss the important issues facing their communities. the senate comes as many within those communities are anxious in watching the supreme court reviews breaking v holland, the case that challenges the indian child welfare act. tribal leaders argue that striking down the law would jeopardize the well-being of thousands of indigenous children while threatening the very notion of native american sovereignty. here to discuss is rebecca, the chair -- cherokee writer, author, and host of crooked medias this land podcast. thank you so much for having me. >> i want to start with the basics. really grounding us in the importance and significance of the indian child welfare act. why congress enacted this over four decades ago. can we start there? >> absolutely. when it was passed in the late

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

but i try to be clear. i think public safety is the pre-eminent fu function of government. i have very high expectations for prosecutors to be fair, pursue justice and to enforce the law evenly. but i have seen people change their lives, people learn from their mistakes and go on to lead productive lives. ours is a nation of laws and also a nation of second chances. tonight we look at what a few guests had to say about crime and how to address it. >> i think one of the biggest problems we have in government, whether the prosecutors or what is going on withed biden. people think that good intentions guarantee good results, the results right now with violence crime rate should give all of us pause. nobody anywhere whatever.

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Life Liberty Levin

weaponnized our legal system, what would you say about law enforce. in general. >> police officers across the country are heroes, that they feel demoralized and undermined by democrats and the radicals in this party, one thing that i talk about is how president biden nominated and every democrat voted to confirm not one but three of the leading pro proponents of abolishes and defunding police to senior positions at different of justice. and talk about ge george soros prosecutor, put millions in terms of electing radicals who let violent criminals go and talk about -- waukesha christmas parade murderer, the mass murderer who drove his suv into the crowd, he

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