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to, to ensure a safe environment for our family. so that is definitely put a pause on our ability to return to texas. an indefinite pause. but i will say that even though we have left, we have not left of the fight. this is our home, this is all we've ever known, this is where our community and family and our heart is. so we cannot go back immediately. but we will fight until we can. >> i definitely do want to highlight that, right? just because, at the federal level and in state level, it doesn't seem like progress has been made, on the ground, people like you and know are making a difference. i do want to underscore that. you are protecting your family, you are protecting noah at a time where just the media environment is incredibly hostile. you have people like tucker carlsen, people on tiktok, a bunch of social media accounts doubling down. what words of advice would you

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Political Thinking with Nick...

they�*re out of the areas they grew up in. they come to london, they do a big job, and then they pop home a couple of times a year to say hi. what drove you to go back to the place you were born? i just felt such a pull to to go back home. it�*s hard to put into words. ijust really wanted to go back to my community, my friends and family. the north east is a really special place. and, you know, people from the north east always often have that really strong sense of identity and wanting to, wanting to give something back. and ifelt i�*d learnt a lot when i was away at university and it had shaped a lot about who i was. but i wanted to go back and, you know, make a contribution in my community. all this must shape your attitude to do this newjob. shadow education secretary. this isn�*t the place for a detailed policy interview. but in terms of your approach, what does it mean you think should be your approach if you get to be the next education secretary? i think we do just need to see a shift in our approach to education overall as a country. so not something that is just one when we�*re at school orjust when we�*re sat in a classroom. something that we have with us right throughout our lives or from the earliest years,

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

the way we run and fund campaigns and we gerrymander districts and both parties of guilty of this, increases division. now participation primaries. only 13% now participating, they don't tend to generate people who are eager to work with others. across the board we don't find members, now everyone is rushing home, people don't spend time together finds out about common space, their kids don't play on the same baseball time, they are not neighbors or roommates in the same house. there is a lot that contributes to lack of respect in the system. both edand i were raised, one a ranch family, the other military family in hawaii and montana. we were taught by families, you grant respect first. we want to start a conversation there.

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The Eighties

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

head home to beat the weather. airport was packed, i saw a couple of nuns looking at the flight delays on a screen, i'm not catholic, you don't need to be catholic to respect nuns and admire their service, i asked if i could help, one did not speak english, she was in argentina, and sister maria did speech english but also smart enough to be suspicious, i wanted to help, but there was a language barrier, i saw a guy with red curly hair running through the airport trying to catch a flight to boston, it was joey kennedy, i was lucky had shared meals with him. he was funny and smart and hard working and humble and we agreed on next to nothing. other than good to listen. good to be fair to our

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Political Thinking with Nick...

you�*ve stopped talking about brexit. it annoys some people because what they say is they can now listen to the cbi worrying about brexit. they can read that allegedly jeremy hunt was toying with the idea of a new relationship with the eu as the new—ish chancellor. but the labour party never wants to talk about it. it�*s like, don�*t mention the war. of course we talk about it, you know, keir talked about it at a conference. rachel reeves talks about it. i�*m here today talking to you about it. but we have left the european union, whatever we think about that, you know, it�*s about how we how we look to the future, not re—fight past arguments. do you worry that the politics around brexit may come back ain? 39 we�*ve just seen the most extraordinary figures for net immigration. 500,000 people. i think we�*ve got to be honest about the fact that immigration has played and will always play an important part of our national story. i wouldn�*t be sat here today speaking to you, were it not for were it not for migration. my grandparents came to this country, worked in the nhs, made it their home, made it like so many migrants, made a really important contribution building our country, particularly after the second world war.

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

being a space where we know we can access the mental and physical health care we need and a place where he can have an opportunity to just be himself, be a kid, go out into the world as who he really is, the joy is coming. but we are still reaching for it and we are still trying to help others find theirs as well. very scary time. >> no, of course. i know denver is your new home. i also know that you did have plans to potentially move back to texas. your former home. this is also a time where governor abbott was just reelected. it's also a time where republican legislators are doing more. and they are already trying to introduce more and tougher bills to criminalize gender affirming care. has that changed your mind at all? are you still willing to try and go back to texas? >> we put a lot on the line when it came to the midterm elections. as you pointed out, they did not turn the way we wanted them

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

cultural boundaries. but i can be alienating, and so i took a step back. and i said, let me read a book. that will reach different audiences? >> my broken language has been described as -- puerto rican family held together by women. we are calling the uplift, the grief, the spirits and the dance. now we're getting the margins of many communities. forge a language of her own. as true disses of the play, it seems like it's true of all of you as a community of working actors offstage. i wonder when you have been this for each other? >> i think we have created a family, and we have become pillars for each other. the process of reversing this play has been really illuminating. and has brought me back to myself. because i felt the ones as well. and we have become each other's touchstone. so that we can come home. and it is a celebration. and joy and rapturous.

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Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy

this country has quality education. because i know that is the greatest source of opportunity it is the closest thing to a panacea known in our country. trey: you know senator, i started by saying your mom wanted a minister of the gospel. sounds like that might be what she got. she got someone who is not afraid to preach it. senator tim scott, it is weird to me to talk about leadership qualities with you, because you have most of the ones that i'm looking for. thank you for indulging us. i hope you had a great hol day,holiday, i'll talk to you soon. >> god bless you. trey: you too. up next we negotiate and compromise a lot in life, if you have only one television in your home or share a bathroom in your house you know what i mean. we talk with an author right

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ABC World News Tonight With David Muir

tonight, a major storm system snarls holiday travel for millions. plus the new threat for severe weather heading into the week week. heavy rains caused trouble on some of the busiest roads on the east coast. just as millions head home after thanksgiving. travelers packed into airports nearly at prepandemic levels with all that pent-up demand. severe storms could cause more trouble in the south this week as the mountains in the northwest get buried under snow. rob marciano times it all out. >> also, chaos in china. massive demonstrations over covid lockdowns, unprecedented acts of defiance, even calls for president xi's ouster. protesters blame those strict zero covid policies for trapping residents inside a burning apartment building, killing ten. >> new fallout after trump's dinner with kanye west and a white nationalist. what the white house is saying as prominent republican leaders

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