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Does Canada still need a Green Party?

Green Party of Canada has pushed environmental issues forward. But 2021 federal election results, Annamie Paul exit raise questions on future

People's Party of Canada might be here to stay

PEOPLE’S Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier, recently interviewed by CBC journalist T...

Legal talks are dragging out Annamie Paul's departure from Green leadership

Annamie Paul's resignation as leader of the Green Party of Canada — which was expected to take effect this week — still isn't complete because her lawyer is in negotiations with party lawyers to settle a legal conflict.

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Morning Brief: U.S. border to reopen next month

Annamie Paul: Lessons for the Green Party after 'the worst period in my life'

Shades of Green – The Greanville Post

Where Do the Greens Go from Here?

The Rebel to Rabble Review: Progressives talk 'wreckonciliation'

Green party still has a role to play

Veteran MP Elizabeth May handily won re-election in Saanich-Gulf Islands (B.C.) in the Sept. 20 elec...

All party leaders facing scrutiny

Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O’Toole believes he has enough support in his caucus ...

New Brunswick rep quits federal Green Party council over infighting

New Brunswick’s representative on the federal Green Party council has quit after just two months in the position, saying party infighting was too stressful and was taking away from her work on climate change.

Greens' Elizabeth May speaks out after 'terrible election result'

Letters Oct. 6: A needless wolf cull; did a social-media crash really matter?

Urging an end to the wolf cull “Stop scapegoating wolves” was the cry at the demonstration at the B.C. legislature on Monday. It was a desperate plea to stop the unregulated recreational . . .

What was the point of that election?

After months of stoking COVID-19 fears and urging provinces to maintain strict lockdown procedures, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled a not

Former Green leader criticized for saying Paul calls racism 'when she doesn't get her way'

Former Green Party leader Jim Harris is accusing Annamie Paul of using her experience of racism and sexism as excuses for what he calls her poor performance over the last year -- comments that Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Sandy Hudson calls 'disgusting.'

5 things to know on for Tuesday, October 5, 2021: Pandora Papers, Erin O'Toole leadership, Catholic Church report

Canada has now fully vaccinated 81.11 per cent of the country's eligible population.

Elizabeth May: Despite internal turmoil, Green Party is needed in Canada

A commentary by the former leader of the Green Party, originally published in the Toronto Star. The nature of leadership is at the core of how democracies function when they function well — or . . .

New human-rights group wants Canada to speak up on world stage

Green Party stuck in a slow motion electric vehicle pile-up

Which Quebecers are bound for cabinet?

5 things to know on for Monday, October 4, 2021: Pandora Papers, Trudeau's private apology, Green Party problems

Canada has now fully vaccinated 80.93 per cent of the country's eligible population.

Elizabeth May won't be Green interim leader, says Annamie Paul hurting party

Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Elizabeth May says Annamie Paul is hurting the Green Party by remaining in control of its communications.

Two people clinging to life after Mono crash

Two people have been airlifted to Toronto trauma centres following a crash in Mono Township.

What We're Watching: Backlash to Trudeau's Tofino trip

Dimitri Lascaris: Green Party should investigate Annamie Paul's racism claims

Dimitri Lascaris, a Montreal-based lawyer and activist, wants independent consultants to investigate Annamie Paul's claims that she experienced racial bias while leader, and says the Greens have "challenges when it comes to diversity."

Les verts doivent enquêter sur les allégations de racisme, soutient un ex-candidat

OTTAWA — Le Montréalais qui était arrivé deuxième derrière Annamie Paul lors de la course à la direction du Parti vert du Canada l'an dernier soutient que les verts ont certains problèmes en matière de diversité. L'avocat Dimitri Lascaris aimerait que des consultants indépendants enquêtent sur les affirmations de Mme Paul selon lesquelles elle aurait […]

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Greens should investigate Annamie Paul's racism claims, says leadership contender – Abbotsford News

Annamie Paul is the first Black, Jewish woman to lead a mainstream federal party in Canada

Probe Paul's racism claims, Green activist says

OTTAWA - A Green activist who came second to Annamie Paul in the last leadership race says he is bei...

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