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James Webb detects methane in the atmosphere of an exoplanet

Scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope recently announced they had made a rare detection of methane in an exoplanet atmosphere.

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7 Europe best cities to move with family

Kids might be exposed to various languages and cultures while living overseas, which can be immensely enlightening and open up new opportunities. But uprooting your children's lives in addition to your own.

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Mars: Astronauts on 'red' Mars may witness green sky, reveals study

Science News: Researchers using the European Space Agency's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter have observed a green luminescence in the atmosphere of Mars for the first tim

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Webb investigates super puffy exoplanet where it rains sand

One of the least dense exoplanets known was recently investigated using James Webb, and the planet's weather seems is as strange as its puffiness.

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Space sex: Are we ready for 'alien' babies?

Every human being that has ever lived has been conceived and born on the same spinning blue marble , billions of us emerging screaming into Earth’s...

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As world heads to climate talks, emissions continue to rise, new report shows

According to the latest tally, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide all reached record highs in 2022

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Scientists detect oxygen in atmosphere of Venus

 This is the first direct detection of oxygen on Venus, a planet with a thick atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide.

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Sunday Kitchen: Ampersand's Mikey Newlands + A bougie potato salad for sunny days

Mikey Newlands (ex-executive chef Bracu and sous chef at The Grove) and partner Amanda Rogers (ex-maître d’ of Bracu and Sidart) are the dream team behind...

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Hydrogen is a green fuel despite small warming effect from pipe leaks

In the future, some industrial processes may be powered by hydrogen instead of fossil fuels. If the hydrogen leaks into the atmosphere before it is burned it can contribute to climate change – but not much

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