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Don Q's fishing report for week of April 10-17

Here is this week's fishing report for rivers, lakes and stream in Nevada, Northern California and the Sierra. This fishing report is for the week of April 10-17.

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First woman to swim the length of Lake Tahoe recalls 1962 adventure

Some people, when they first see Lake Tahoe, think how it'd be nice to boat on top of the glass like water. Others imagine fishing on the lake stocked with big fish, while yet others think about how nice it would be to sit at the quiet and scenic shore and enjoy the sun and the view.

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CHS Class of 2020 proudly featured on downtown Carson City banners

Those who have been traveling along the downtown section of Carson Street since July 22 will have noticed the many young faces on the banners now gracing our light poles.

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Beautiful Community Homesite Modoc County - Anaheim, California

Beautiful Community MODOC COUNTY NO MINIMUM / NO RESERVE --- HIGH BID OWNS THE LOT This Property is located in Alturas, Ca; Alturas is in Modoc County and it is a beautiful community surrounded by 2 m |

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Far North teens killed when car crashed into roadworks named

Two teenagers who died when the car they were in crashed into roadworks at speed on Thursday have been remembered as “beautiful” students by their Northland...

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Eagle Lake After Snowstorm

Hopefully Eagle Lake, California, is looking like this wintry foggy scene today. Carson City received some morning snow,and hopefully it snowed much more in the High Sierra. This beautiful large lake is now almost dry, and we need another good winter of snow for the lake to fill up with water again.

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Walk Carson City: 2.5 miles of history awaits exploration

“Are you exercising?” That’s one of the questions continually asked by doctors who believe strongly exercise will assure us a long and healthy life. Sure, you can go to a gym (what did we do before gyms?) or you can participate in one of the best exercise routines of all — walking.

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Super Bowl Sunday: Where to watch, things to do around Carson City

Area you ready for some football? North, south, east, west, or downtown: there’s a good time to be found: drink specials and football squares everywhere. If you couldn’t care less about the Patriot-Falcons match-up, then consider BINGO for CASI or bowling and some Valentine cookie decorating.

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Beautiful Surveyed 5 Acre Lot With Owner Financing Near Beaches And Amenities - Port Morien, Nova Scotia


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Beautiful and dutiful Bobby Charlton

Questo articolo è la versione originale, in inglese. Trovate qui la versione tradotta in italiano da Caterina Capelli.
The last time my dying Dad was still ...

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