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Israeli strikes hit suburbs of Syrian capital for 2nd day

Syrian state media say Israel has staged airstrikes on the suburbs of the Syrian capital of Damascus for the second day in a row

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Top court rejects Iran bid for bank funds frozen in US

THE HAGUE: The International Court of Justice on Thursday rejected Iran´s bid to unblock nearly $2 billion in central bank assets frozen by the US, but ruled Washington had illegally seized...

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ICJ rules US illegally froze Iran's assets but refuses to unblock funds - World

Tehran says the decision underlined the “illegal behaviour” of the US while Washington hails it as a “major victory”.

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$36K donated to Syrian earthquake relief from Central Valley

BEIRUT, Lebanon (KSEE) – Thousands of dollars in donations from the valley are on their way to help people in need thousands of miles away. When the plea for help was made, the Central Valley responded. More than $36,000 was donated in the KSEE24 telethon to help survivors of February’s devastating earthquake in Turkey and […]

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