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Petak Enam in Glodok, Jakarta Offers Great Food In An Open-Air Space

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Petak Enam in Glodok, Jakarta
With its maze of narrow alleyways and crowded shops still using abacuses to do business, there’s nothing quite like the Glodok Chinatown in all of Indonesia. The historic neighborhood showcases Jakarta’s raw, energetic culture and while there’s much to love here, the food being the top of the list, it can be overwhelming for those more used to more modern amenities.
Time hasn’t been exactly kind to Glodok but with the new
Petak Enam community space, it’s finally starting to catch up. With plenty of great food inside a comfortable, open-air area, this might be just what Glodok needs to lure us, the younger generation, away from the new shopping malls popping up all over town once in a while.

Kemaro Island calls off Cap Go Meh celebrations

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Kemaro Island calls off Cap Go Meh celebrations
9th February 2021
A view of Kemaro Island on Musi River on Tuesday (February 9, 2021). (ANTARA / Aziz Munajar / 21)
However, we hope that the meaning of the Chinese New Year celebration will still be felt and (remain) meaningful Palembang (ANTARA) - This year, Kemaro Island, Palembang City will not organize Cap Go Meh celebrations, which mark the close of the Chinese New Year festivities, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
This is the first time since 2006 that the Cap Go Meh celebrations, which usually attracts thousands of visitors, will not be held on Kemaro Island.

61 Chinese tourists in Bali depart for Wuhan in time for Cap Go Meh celebrations

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A flight chartered by the Chinese Consulate-General picked up 61 Chinese nationals from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport on Saturday to bring them back to Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China. 
The tourists, comprising 49 adults and 12 children, had been stranded in Bali since Wednesday following the Indonesian government’s decision to temporarily halt all flights to and from mainland China.
"The China Consulate General said it had picked up its residents today because they want to celebrate Cap Go Meh [15
th day of the first month of the lunar calendar] in their home country,” Ngurah Rai Airport general manager Herry Sikado said on Saturday.

Confucians uphold cleaning ritual at Kediri temple

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A 15-centimeter-tall statue rested on the left hand of 70-year-old Liem Djie. With Liem’s right hand, he carefully rubbed a wet towel over the statue, cleaning dust off of it.
“About 500 years ago, our ancestors sailed from mainland China and arrived here in Kediri. They brought along this 
rupang (statue) of Makco Thian Siang Sing Boo, the Sea Goddess. In Kediri, they built a temple and placed this
rupang inside,” said Liem, head of Tjoe Hwi Kiong Temple on Jl. Yos Sudarso in Kediri, East Java, on Jan. 18. It stands alongside the Brantas River, one of the largest rivers in Java.

From religious rituals to festive attractions: Indonesians prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year

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Many Indonesians are preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which falls on Saturday, with religious rituals and festive attractions.
In Medan, North Sumatra, Buddhists are visiting temples to perform prayers for their ancestors ahead of the Chinese New Year, locally known as Imlek.
They bring along ritual offerings, ranging from fruit, cakes and flowers to be presented to their ancestors.
Nelly Wijaya, a Buddhist who lives in Medan, said that she said ritual prayers every year ahead of the Chinese New Year as a mark of respect for her late father.
"We pray so that our ancestors will rest in peace and we ask for forgiveness on behalf of them for any sins they committed during their lives," Nelly said after performing her prayers at the Vihara Gunung Timur in Medan on Thursday.

Jakarta to Use Public Space for Lunar New Year's Events

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Jakarta to Use Public Space for Lunar New Year's Events
Jakarta -The Jakarta government is working with a number of organizations to hold events for celebrating the Lunar New Year's (Imlek) in public spaces. The series of festivals and activities are being held from January 15 to February 9.
The Jakarta Bureau for Mental and Spiritual Education chief, Hendra Hidayat, said that this year is the first time that the city government is coordinating the events.
Hendra said that the activities have a similar concept to a Christmas Carol; utilizing public space.  
"Because that is the spirit: equality, unity, and brotherhood," he said in Jakarta on Monday, January 20.

A sea of lanterns bedazzle Singkawang's Chinese New Year celebrations

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Singkawang City in West Kalimantan has been bedecked with some 10 thousand festive red lanterns, emblematic of the Chinese New Year, across the "1000 ...

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